Bob the builder a great Theologist


This YouTube site is ran by a man simply called Bob the Builder. He is called this due to the many death threats he has had by mostly Islamists and even some atheists. He graduated in Physics and Theology. He’s one of the best Christian debaters I’ve come across. I hope you will enjoy and be interested in the fiery discussions going on at “Speakers Corner” London.

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at first glance, I was thinking about Bob the Builder cartoon that my kids used to watch.

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Yeah, I don’t get the connection. Did poor old Bob the Builder get death threats from his animated JCB?

I tried watching the video but it’s just a bunch of blokes shouting at each other.

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There are many videos on the site. That place is speakers corner in England and is the only place in the UK where you get free speech apart from Parliament. Some people may find it interesting , but I understand it is a bit much for others as it gets very technical.


I’d rather just read an article, if he has a website or a blog.


I’ll try and find you one. In the meantime I’ll leave you with Bob the Builder versus Atheist
Christian versus Atheist


This possibly requires a different thread, but I agree that reading someone’s position is much clearer than listening to them. I really don’t get this current obsession with spoken debate, or people putting forward their ideas via TED Talks. It lacks clarity and if it is a debate it generally degenerates into people talking over each other.

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In this case the things spoken at "Speakers Corner " can often not be written in articles due to constraints on freedom of speech. The Corner is the only place non politicians can say what they want, therefore they debate rather than write. In the USA I believe you do already have freedom of speech whereas the UK does not ;thus the need for “Speakers Corner”.


At the moment freedom of speech protection is considerably weaker in the UK than in the USA, for sure.


Actually I was wrong it is not protected in Speakers Corner, (that’s urban legend) in fact it is just the right to assemble and give a speech in public that is protected there. However, if there is an illegal speech given then the police will only react on receiving a complaint.


Freedom of speech is legally protected in every country, even North Korea, to varying extents. Whether it’s de facto freedom of speech is another matter. I don’t believe there is any country with complete freedom of speech (including slander, libel, incitement to violence etc).

The right to give a speech could be considered freedom of speech. From a legal perspective, what degree of freedom to say what anybody wants to say do you consider to be freedom of speech?


Not impressed with his debating technique TBH. He talks over people and doesn’t make any attempt to engage with their point of view. He doesn’t even look at the person he’s addressing in that video. Rude.


That’s true anywhere, no? What might Bob say that would qualify as illegal speech?


A quick example

If Bob says “Mohammed was a pedophile”
Free speech Uk


I agree that he doesn’t look at people . However, that’s mild at Speakers Corner on the rudeness scale. :slightly_smiling_face:


I agree that all religions should not be protected by free speech laws. Is it not allowed to call the Prophet Muhammed a pedo? In which countries does this apply - because I’ve been labeling the nonce as such throughout my adult life. I wouldn’t like to be breaking the law.

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It’s illegal under European Law so post Brexit would not apply and then in the UK it would be deemed “Alarming and distressing”


That is mind-blowing. That is for real?


Yeah I found that on multiple links including most of the major newspapers. I think it’s technically illegal to make disparaging remarks against a religion in the EU if it causes the followers distress and alarm. The European high court held up the original conviction against her.
Maybe they are pedophiles too it wouldn’t surprise me ( was that illegal to say ? lol)