Bogarts Smokehouse Nangang

This looks like the real deal if you’re like me and you love KC style BBQ.

Has anyone tried it? Please tell me it’s awesome.


A BBQ place is only as good as it’s pitmaster. It looks ok, but idk how the meat is.

It’s pretty good. Had ribs and brisket and really enjoyed it. Condiments, including a wide variety of sauces, are on each table. Wasn’t crazy about the cole slaw…prefer a creamier version, but meat is melt in your mouth deelish.

He is catering our hockey club Xmas party this year, so I’l let y’all know how that turns out.


Will definitely check it out. Not far from where I live. Curious about their beer selection.

I saw that. Always a good sign.

I’m sure @SlowRain disagrees…

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Been there once, the only thing I didn’t like is that you can’t bring in outside drinks,… I wouldn’t mind this if they offered sugarless ice teas instead of just Soda and Juice

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We had dinner there tonight. Excellent ribs and pulled pork sandwich. Also really liked the potato salad, slaw and Mac & cheese. Good beer selection as well. Now we have to go back and get the brisket and burnt ends! 很好吃!


Excellent. Highly recommended. Too early for beer but I was really jonesing for some, especially with all the good music.


looks great! gonna be making my way down there soon enough.

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Call ahead on the brisket. It goes fast. I have yet to try it.

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Went today. Had the pulled pork. Good stuff, I’ll be back.


Just KC style? Any others?

Not that there’s anything wrong with KC style, I grew up on it (as well as Texas style). In fact if they just do KC then it’s maybe a good thing since the odds are better that it’s done well.

fwiw I like both Carolina styles, too. I like it all, in fact.

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Fantastically prepared meats perfectly cooked juicy inside with nice bark on outside. He starts cooking at 4am every morning and food lasts until it’s finished. Worth the trip.

Bogart’s Smokehouse Taipei (美式木柴烤肉屋)
No. 255號, Section 1, Nangang Road, Nangang

Ribs and pulled pork.


Love it, need to go back.


Parklife craft beer bar serves Bogart’s pork sandwiches. Very good.
ParkLife Drinking Room Taipei
10455, Taipei City, Zhongshan District, Section 3, Civic Blvd, 41號1樓
02 2751 5565


Tried to find Parklife many times. Never did. Now I see it’s tucked away behind the helmet shop and looks like a toy store or just another random shop.


Is the food good?


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We tend to go to Baba Kevin’s for great bbq meats every once in a while, but after seeing some Taiwanese youtuber eating at Bogarts in his video, my girlfriend is eager to give them a try.

I, on the other hand, feel a strong sense of loyalty for Baba, who provided me with free draft beer on a few occasions.

They seem to have similar things on offer for similar prices.

Is there a bbq connoisseur on forumosa, who has been to both places and could give a comparison of the two? Is it worth to travel all the way to Nangang to have a dinner at Bogarts?

Yes, it’s worth the travel. But dinner is not recommended. They make their meat each day so it might all be gone by the time dinner rolls around. I recommend getting there before they open at 11:30. Stand in line for a bit then order lots of ribs and the sides that you get with that. Maybe add some burnt ends. Skip the sandwiches. They’re okay but the ribs is why you go to Bogart’s.