“China is helpless against US because US possesses 20 times as many nuclear warheads as China”
“Russia is helpless against Britain because Russia possesses 30 times as many nuclear warheads.”
I think the basic point of this exchange is that it shows Brexiteers are stuck in nostalgia for the Battle of Britain, Winnie, and the days when Britannia ruled the waves.
(Thanks for the commercial from the British defence company)

Belgians make their own ‘custard’ cream!

Belgium has nukes.

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One statement and all the brexiteers and trumpsters on this forum are grabbing the nukes!

Sorry, but that’s not what I meant!

I do not support Trump or Biden, but I guess nukes could be thought of as the “Trump.card”.
Anyway the EU is sinking they cannot even sort out vaccines, bunch of disorgaized bureaucrats.
They are more concerned about British shell fish than ordering vaccines on time.
I wish the UK and US would pull out of Nato the EU cannot even pay its own defence bill. Euro fighter was a waste.Over priced , high maintainence costs. Maybe Turkey can help you out with defence against Russia , I sure hope we won’t.


They were negotiating vaccine price and got a way better deal than the UK. You can not just give big pharma their greedy way. They get subsidized for vaccine development and yet they try to get additional over the top profits.

Britain messes up coronavirus control…It’s terrible…
Britain does well with vaccines…EU is terrible.
Something something nukes…

I think we can have a better quality of discussion here.

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First of all, any of the EU member states could have done the same as the UK did, despite being in the EU.

Secondly, securing a limited recourse (vaccine) to yourself is not a great humanitarian achievement. Anyone could have done that including every single state in the EU.

If the US and UK had not secured the vaccine for themselves, by now, there would be the same number of people vaccinated worldwide. So, you got ahead with vaccination, after denying the seriousness of covid 19 and ridiculing masks etc. .
The only problem I see with that is we now know what Boris means when he says our friends the EU.

That our Government is run by idiots is not the EUs fault.
We could vote them out!

Lol you were the one trolling me about WW2 weapons and German warehouses🤣

The UK never considered wearing masks ridiculous. They did not have enough in the beginning and were trying to reserve N95s for front line workers. They were also following the love China WHO recommendations. And why do you keep mentioning the USA do you feel the UK has more in common with the USA than Deutchland , like a common language? Anyway how is Esparanto coming along ?

I remember Trump and Johnson floating on the same rhetoric.
How fast people forget!
Jonson started to change after he got covid himself.

Johnson followed scientific advice , do not compare Johnson and Trump.

Actually, they are the same!

Idiotic comment of the day

Not the same but Id say similar for a couple of reasons, liberal interpretation of the truth + irresponsible populisim. Storming the capitol v poroging parliment.

I have no idea how to spell that word

When I compare two buckets full of shit, I don’t use the word similar.

Yea the polarising stuff, need to talk them off the ledge with kind words brother. :laughing:

Johnston right now is exuberant with the joy of his vaccination triumph.

I think your enthusiasim for breakfast is marring your fine judgement. :grin:

Good relations with the US is not at the exclusion of good relations with Germany?

Was watching star wars recently.“Together we can restore order to the galaxy” :laughing:

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Interestingly British culture is closer to Germany than the US I would say. Football, food, no guns, housing styles , social benefits for a start .

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The EU experiment is not bad in itself. But they have had a terrible implementation. They want to be separate countries but then want to project unity when it’s convenient. The Union should have been way more homogeneous for it to work. Either you’re in or you’re not. 1 Union, 1 currency 1 passport, 1 visa - just different provinces.

Or else it turns out to be the mess it is right now, and rightly deserved.

I won’t be surprised if in 10 years, Germany France and Netherlands leave and form their own union.

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