Thugs and gangsters. Round em up and hose em down. :grin:
They are the most backwards element in all of the UK and Ireland.

Good grief. Why can’t people just get on with the job of fixing things instead of making things worse? I’m surprised those idiots didn’t set themselves on fire.

There was some politician - the name completely escapes me now - who remarked back in the 1990s that “When the Irish problem is solved, the Irish will find another problem”. Really, though, that’s just the human condition in a nutshell.

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Sometimes we criticize the hours and the amount of home work and activities that students have in Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, etc.
But for example in Uk they have too much free time I without control, and not all when we were young were able to differentiate what is right or wrong but what has become for a long time in Uk where many people and not all are from families with social problems I have seen people from families without social problems behave the same way.

sadly people like that its everywhere in Britain

But I forgot that some pro Brexit, and the chavs are right to blame that they are like that cause the emigrants from the European Union who took away their jobs and they had nothing left to do destroy bus stops or whatever Put them up front, get drunk and do drugs.

I thought that now with Brexit they were already very busy working since now there is a lot of work for them, but it seems that nothing changes.

Northern Ireland has multiple problems but basically yes at its core now are disaffected youth , poor education and prospects mixed in with a toxic sectarian culture.
I went to school with a lot of ‘chavs’ it was a rough experience . Would not recommend it :sunglasses:. Built good street fighting skills that’s about it. These schools and communities are pretty horrible places to grow up . Look at the dilapidation and poor environment in the video clip where the fighting is occurring .
The ‘chav’ thing has probably been part of British and Irish culture for hundreds of years. I was reading before that the murder rate in London a few hundred years ago was probably 5-10x now for instance . The societies have always harboured violence. Schools are not a safe space for kids .

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The politicians have been ignoring this problem for years (or deliberately making it worse) but Brexit has really brought it forward as a serious issue. If Britain has insufficient people with the skills to put the country back on its feet, and enough nihilistic/stupid people trying to do the exact opposite, they’re in very deep trouble indeed. Chavs are unfixable: a few of them come to their senses, but for the most part horrible kids grow into horrible adults. Which means the UK is only likely to recover if it can breed a new generation of less maladjusted kids.

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They are so fucking loud. What is it with them and having to be the loudest people walking around. They seem completely unaware of their behaviors in public.

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also they are future native English teachers

I seem to remember that experience on the MRT when some use their phones.

I saw something about a big drugs bust on a Unionist gang. Maybe they have set their ‘foot soldiers’ out to cause some bother and the narrative has expanded.

It was provoked. It is about losing identity.

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Yup they are unaware , they are dragged up not brought up.

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The IRA deal in drugs the unionists not much, God and Country for them.

They have an identity. Scum. They can rot in their shitholes. Nobody wants them. They are the skidmarks of history about to be washed away . No wonder they are scared.


And wood chips.

I see the game of squabble has been heating up nicely in my absence :joy:


That’s what my mum says to express understanding for people who had a rough start.

We will get there eventually :sweat_smile:

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That is hilarious. What show is that ?

They identify as loyalist they are loyal. They have every right to live there. Those gates the nationalist community were trying to break down are put there to stop ethnic cleansing. They are a persecuted ethnic and religious group just trying to live a good honest life. The DUP CONDEMNED the violence.

No they aren’t . It’s just a victim mentality is taking hold as loyalism becomes an anachronism in the 21st century. And a minority in their own ex apartheid state.

The real fact is 99% of these rioters are yobs and also organised by criminal gangs. Rioting just like in London . The rest is just a smokescreen.

Apparently a guy called Francis Higgins, I never heard of him before yesterday. He had a funny news show on RT news believe it or not

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