It’s a trade Union. Do you basically understand what that means? Nobody is under Brussels leadership

Britain is skint, Europe is skint, but I don’t give a shit because I don’t live in either.


It’s more than a trade union. Do you understand how the supremacy of EU laws over national laws works?

Two important ideas make this system work. These are ‘supremacy’, meaning the higher status of EU laws compared to national laws, and ‘direct effect’, meaning that EU laws can be relied on in court.

Both these constitutional principles were recognised decades ago in leading decisions of the EU court.

The court said that they were necessary to ensure the survival of the EU legal system and to guarantee that EU rules are followed in all member countries.

The supremacy of EU laws

The principle of supremacy, or primacy, describes the relationship between EU law and national law.

It says that EU law should prevail if it conflicts with national law.

This ensures that EU rules are applied uniformly throughout the Union.

How the EU works: EU law and the UK - Full Fact.


Nobody entered the EU to be under Brussels Econ control and none of the member states want Brussels controlling their economy

That’s not how this works that’s how none of this works

The Greeks who were told their ATMs would be turned off if they did not sign the Troika mafia deal shows it is not just a trade union.

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Hence Brexit.

There were legitimate concerns of EU overreach all over Europe , which were part of the conditions that has created tensions

The EU has a lot of problems and is in the pocket of global banking. It would be better to start it again if possible

Brexit was stupid because once you are in it, leaving would create chaos , especially if managed badly , which it has been. The pain of leaving has eclipsed any benefits, so it’s a waste of time

To say that uk or other member states were under Brussels economic control is a load of old Farage bollocks


Actually you are not entirely right. Taiwan does have some preferential trade ageeements with China so some investors may invest in certain industries to benefit. Remember the first part of ECFA passed. It was the services part that was blocked.

Anyway Taiwan China is just not relevant to UK EU relations. Really not giving any insight to the current situation re BREXIT.

The UK needs access to bigger foreign markets to grow its economy and gain investment.

Look at the quotes above. The UK is too small on its own without the EU backyard or the old empire. It can’t be Singapore in Europe because the EU won’t allow that to happen. They will not get any easy deals to become a European tax haven. So what’s the real plan? Right now Brexit is driving living standards down.

In the end it must be to sign up to a Norway/Switerland type deal with the EU. I think Sunak knows that hence he is pushing to get the NI protocol situation fixed. This will benefit the UK and EU. Europe will be so much better off with better political and economic relations between all our countries, our enemies are those who will undercut democracies and threaten to destroy our countries. I hope the UK can get the ship turned around asap.

The EU said so itself:

European Commission reaffirms the primacy of EU law

The Commission upholds and reaffirms the founding principles of the Union’s legal order, namely that:

  • EU law has primacy over national law, including constitutional provisions;
  • All rulings by the European Court of Justice are binding on all Member States’ authorities, including national courts.

We will analyse the ruling of Polish Constitutional Tribunal in detail and we will decide on the next steps. The Commission will not hesitate to make use of its powers under the Treaties to safeguard the uniform application and integrity of Union law.

The European Union is a community of values and of law, which must be upheld in all Member States. The rights of Europeans under the Treaties must be protected, no matter where they live in the European Union.

The European Commission has the task of safeguarding the proper functioning of the Union’s legal order and it will continue to ensure that.
Press corner | European Commission

If Brexit really is the disaster that Remainers claim it is then the only rational course of action is Breturn. The EU would undoubtedly be highly sympathetic to Britain’s admission that it had bollixed trying to manage its own affairs and needed the EU to save it from itself.

That is the EU.

Thanks for your stellar contribution as per usual.

Not that I really care, I’ll post this on for perusing.

I do have one problem regarding Brexit and Europe.
China invades Taiwan only country I can go back to is Britain! I don’t want to presently so where do I go to with no bother? Excluding Europe don’t fancy that either.
Northern Ireland looks promising?

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We need to get our people back into work too. Too many of us have become lazy buggers. Or it is simply too expensive (childcare fees) to get a job or too easy (benefits system) to not get a job.

yeah SK…gerrr a job!

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I’ve got two, interviewing for a third on Tuesday and currently setting up a charity that involves getting disabled and young people in to work.
SK is doing his bit.

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EU, corrupt as they come: