Whatever you did to Sunderland, it’d still look like Sunderland.


Funny article, but much as I dislike May, I think it’s a little unfair.

One: she was dropped in it. Wossisname walked away whistling, and May was handed the booby prize.

Two: we seem to be in one of those historical periods where losing one’s grip on reality is normal; expected, even. Europe has lost its grip on reality. The UK is merely sticking pencils up its nose and shouting “wibble”. In the face of global craziness, it’s not entirely irrational.

A large crisis requires a large plan.


Not sure , seems pretty clear that May fought hard to ensure we actually got into a deeper mess .Whichever side you support , these negotiations have been bad for everyone .


Luciana Berger, who led the resignations, said she had come to the “sickening” conclusion that Labour was now “institutionally anti-Semitic”.

But she added Labour was now “institutionally antisemitic” with “a culture of bullying, bigotry and intimidation”.

Chris Leslie, who spoke with tears in his eyes, said: “I’ve been a Labour Party member for more than three decades but the Labour Party I joined is no longer today’s Labour Party.

“I did everything I could to save it but it has now been hijacked by the machine politics of the hard left.

Looks like other Liberals in this world have some problems with bigotry and the far left.


I wonder what has changed. The antisemitic tendencies of many people in the Lp has been known for a while, but the thing was being kept quiet. Politicians mentioning it were dismissed or told to shut up, and the media for the most part was silent about it.
Then all of sudden it has become a public thing. They must have ruffled the wrong feathers.

The slogan “for the many, not the few” gave birth to good quality memes, though. Nice choice of words!


“Moderate” is just a word for someone trying to distance himself from the more toxic members of his own side, without admitting that the more toxic members are the core of his own side.

In other words, a “moderate” is someone at the fringes of an immoderate group. Someone insufficiently immoderate. A wimp.


Brexit hasn’t even happened yet but shit’s getting real.

Why do they use the term ‘jeopardising’ 3500 jobs?
Say it straight. They are all LOSING their jobs. Will they get other similar jobs or better jobs ?
Highly doubt it.

They also don’t mention thousands of others jobs will be lost from the supplier firms as they move away or shut up shop.

BBC News - Honda set to close Swindon car plant

For sure this is related to the Japan-EU free trade agreement as much as Brexit. But with the UK outside out of the EU Japanese firms will have little incentive to stay there. It makes sense for them to finalise their plans now.


Yeah, I can’t see any reason for Japanese firms to continue manufacturing in the UK. Swindon was a big Leave vote and Tomlinson was its cheerleader. He’s clearly trying to minimise fallout saying this had nothing to do with Brexit.


“A new free-trade deal between Japan and the EU means that cars made in Japan now attract no tariffs coming into Europe. So there’s less motivation to build them in Europe. Honda’s plan is to draw production back towards its home.”

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There’s a few interesting contradictions in this story.

For instance the benefits of a FTA between the EU and Japan ?
The fact that the UK wants to leave Europe’s biggest free trade agreement.
The fact that very laissez faire free trade agreements were being promoted non stop by breixteers as a panacea to economic problems in the UK. How will that work in reality exactly? Does it mean the UK would have to drop it’s minimum wage to match those countries for instance ?

The fact remains though that the UK is too small to justify investment in many industries if it is cut off from its backyard and can’t reach economies of scale. It’s not the US and not China. Brexit is the nail in the coffin for struggling manufacturers. There’s nothing wooly about this statement, hundreds of thousands stand to lose their jobs and their skillsets and age will make it difficult to find new ones. They also lose their freedom of movement in the EU just when they might think about looking for a job in mainland Europe.


Time to get off the leeky ship Brexit. :smile:


Is this the plan? Everybody ship off to Monaco?


Wot a mess.
Apparatchik Corbyn is also now backing second referendum as clock strikes midnIght.


I hope this doesn’t happen.


She’s no Thatcher.

No one rises to power without a dollop of narcissism. But this stupid bitch has got toxic levels of narcissism.


See, I said it would happen

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I think many of us could see this far. Any thoughts on the final path given the possible paths in this, or if any others you might think of happen?

Ill go with “no” on 12th March, “no” on 13th March, “yes” on 14th March. Harder to guess exactly what the EU is going to do. I’m inclined to think the EU may go with “no” to an extension. Then Theresa May may get to have a 3rd vote on her deal.

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What a farce. It doesn’t make any sense at this point.

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I believe the path many in Parliament want is to hold another referendum. But I think they want to look like they exhausted all other options and the only other option is a hard exit. If the first 3 votes go the way I think they go, they may go to the EU asking for a delay to hold another referendum. The EU might agree to that. But I doubt they will agree because the UK is screwed and need more time for the sake of more time.


Another referendum with the plan A being that people will vote to remain this time around?