I picked fruit when I was young in England, and all the 30 or so people with me were British too. All white working class. No one had an issue with it. We all worked very hard.


Don’t they still have the option of the lousy deal from the EU? I thought that had already been OK’ed by the other 27 nations.

Plus they could still go back with a request for an extension with a promise of a referendum, if they don’t do that the first time. But you would be right, that could be rejected by just one nation.


That’s the spirit! Time to show those Belgians who’s boss!

oh … wait. The Belgians are.

It’s definitely true that international law is not on the side of Brussels re. punishing Britain with trade tariffs, but I suspect they don’t care. They had a big hand in writing those rules and I’ve no doubt they’ll bend them however they wish.


I hope its rejected and we go out no deal , back to WTO. Good luck is selling us those German cars. :rofl:


I used to sort potatoes on a farm when I was a teen


Yeah lots of young people do it and a few older ones. There seems to be this mantra of “Oh no who will sort out potatoes and pick our apples”. Well “We can pick our own darn apples!”. Anyone unemployed and able bodied should get out there and pick fruit or get your benefits removed. It’s a good wholesome job.


Yup, nothing wrong doing those jobs . Same old argument used by the Slave owners against abolitionists. But who will pick the cotton ? California today … who will pick the strawberries ? Lots of people … if you pay a fair rate and don’t tax them to death :thinking:


I can’t even remember the pay rate. We just got into groups as it was more efficient and we got paid by how much we picked in weight, then given cash. This was 30 years ago. Then I managed workers we had British and Poles. The poles slept on site so basically worked , got drunk and worked. They saved more than the locals because of the free caravan accommodation in the field and free dinner. They sent most of their money either back home or on alcohol. The money went a lot further in Poland. The poles were not entitled to social security so couldn’t afford to chill out for a few months on the dole. British workers were mainly those who the dole office forced to work. No one group worked particularly harder than the other, they all of course worked harder when in groups and given group bonuses related to productivity of their group.


I feel like this country wants … nothing. Or should I say everything.


Whichever side you may agree with , it is the case that many MP’s are ignoring
their voters. If you look at it like the USA elections, as a type of Electoral College vote…you can see the disparity in the MP’s views and their voter’s views. The EU will grant an extension…this will continue until the will of the leavers is extinguished completely.

These figures, I believe, are a best guess , not 100% accurate because some data not available …but close enough.



They will only grant an extension if the UK has a concrete, substantive plan, which they don’t now.


IIRC, it was actually a cunning plan.


That post sums it up perfectly


Correct me if I’m wrong, but wouldn’t an extension require the agreement of all other EU members? Are there any who either hate the UK, or vulnerable to pressure from Putin?

And if an extension is not approved, then I guess it’s hard Brexit in 2 weeks anyway, right?


I believe they still have the option of the deal, which to my understanding already has all 27 countries approval.

Any extension would need all members to agree. As for Putin, might I suggest less of a diet of left leaning news stations. Putin lives in their heads, but he is responsible for far less than they would have you believe.


hope so


Well, Nigel Farage seems to hate the UK.

Salvini threatened to veto the extension so probably Italy.


Tis the Ides of March today. Romans, Countrymen , Caesar … Let the stabbings continue until morale is restored :thinking:


What about if they declare a general election.

They won’t be ignoring the will of the voters then.

What a mess Brexit is, it’s damaging the UK in many ways. There’s not a shadow of a doubt that it is going to come out of this poorer for one. Then throw in the massive inconveniences of doing stuff that used to be painless.