Bringing a Mainland Chinese Wife to Taiwan

[quote=“Lord Lucan”]Yes, as you may remember, in my case it was a combination of guanxi in Taiwan and full involvement of the British government reps in Taiwan, who to their credit took the thing rather more seriously than I would have expected. it took two years for the resident permit …

It’s a long and complicated process and legal advice is necessary.[/quote]
Does this mean that Lord Lucan is now back in Taiwan? I thought Lord Lucan had settled down in the foreign enclave in Shanghai …

Nope, he’s busy scaring the locals out of the foreign enclaves of Shanghai. He takes this “no dogs or Chinese” rather seriously along the Bund, Still, one senses it is a losing struggle.


[quote=“Satellite TV”]The rules for Mainland Chinese citizens is different for other foreigners. Many men here have PRC brides that cannot get visa’s to come to Taiwan as there is an anuual limit.

Spying has nothing to do with it.[/quote]
Just imagine - a Taiwanese businessman at home with his wife and kids, and all of the sudden his second and third mainland wives show up, standing in front of the door - what a fun time!!!

Digging up this very old thread as it seems to have the most reliable information…Has anyone any update with the situation re: foreigners with an ARC bringing a mainland Chinese wife to Taiwan? Anyone successfully or unsuccessfully tried recently?

Same rules as before… quite difficult.