British grocery products

Would any people, notably British be willing to pay:

  • salad cream 425g - $230
  • bisto gravy 160g - $150
  • walkers crisps x6 - $200
  • Robinson’s concentrated squash’d - $185
  • tetley tea bags x240 - $530

I understand these prices are double to triple than UK prices.
Just throwing a few selected products out there to see if it’s a worth while cause.



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You’re not even a little British.

Yes . :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hella more than you, Pine Barrens

I’m no piney. New yawk

That’s what everyone from Hoboken says.

I’ve been to Hoboken. Nice town

They don’t got much good to say about you.

Just sayin

  • salad cream 425g - $230 = maybe but not regular probably once a year
  • bisto gravy 160g - $150 = no but i make my own gravy if i have a roast
  • walkers crisps x6 - $200 = not much different from Lay’s in my opinion
  • Robinson’s concentrated squash’d - $185 = yes ( also vimto and ribena)
  • tetley tea bags x240 - $530 (yorkshire tea is better but that box would last me 2 years)

If I could get Ribena … my water intake would be better . :blush:


that’s my thoughts exactly :yum:

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Some of those items are available in Manila … but pricey

I find it a shame that Taiwan as a warm country, has such bad lettuce for salads . Real ham , salad , coleslaw, would be welcome . Tomatoes seem to be like cardboard here :pensive:

plus Ribena

“It’s been a while since we’ve seen Ted — their last post was 12y ago.

:flushed: that must be a record…

Ted must have a cracking memory. I can’t even remember my password after 12 days.

i was here 12 years ago ?

Back to the DeLorean…

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i don’t buy any of that stuff when i’m in england so…no.

I’m dying for some Jacob’s Cream Crackers.

And Ribena, of course.

Lucozade, the tonic for any illness! Bring that in

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