Bro Conservatism


Those Nigerian MAGA Trumptards, man…really out of control. Stay safe out there.


Triggered is as triggered does. No need to guess at emotional states.


yes, when all else fails go to the well


ironic, considering EVERYTHING you believe, never actually happened


once again completely adrift without paddle


when all else fails, go to the well.



Is doing roids a right wing thing too, or do the left roid up but call it "Gender enhancement " or such like ?

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Keep in mind that some guys have their own idea of what “roids” means.

It’s not necessarily the Rock or Brock Lesnar. More often than not, for SJWs it’s something like this.

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WTF is he doing anyway ? Hilarious


Disk golf


SJWs don’t wear cargo shorts or socks and dad joggers in that manner. You may have been duped into thinking the mustache is ironic, but when paired with that haircut and those glasses it is clearly not.

That guy is textbook Trump voter. Don’t get me started on the company polo he is wearing.


Oh, please. That guy could just as easily be a suburban Democrat dad. But yeah, obviously not an SJW either.


You are right, waaaaay too skinny to be a Trumptard



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Whoa, I was posting a picture of a non-obese Trump supporter, but kudos for making it a race thing. For some people, it seems, everything is about identity politics.

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Try again.




I imagine you thought you were making some kind of point, but I can’t imagine what it is.


Was this meant to denigrate “Bro Conservatism” or to strengthen the reasons for it? If you’re living your life like it’s an Oscars red carpet hagfest, you’re more of a follower than you let on.