Bro Conservatism


using the word ‘triggered’ in discussion freely and frequently when you do not know the mental state of the person you are mocking (and yes, that is what it is) is trolling of the highest order, nothing more nothing less.

It adds zero to the discourse, it is just a catch-phrasey way (so popular with the MAGA set) to be dismissive.

in short.

textbook trolling.


Like I said, smarmy criticism.


Fixed it for you. I believe by the time you hit 40 the preferred term is conservatism or dad conservatism.


Yeah at my age being called bro would be kind of weird. And I shake hands in the traditional way, as I it feels weird when bros try to do the bro handshake which involves some sort of shoulder to chest contact. But I’ll still judge you on what you can bench :rofl:


It’s a hat. The obsession and animosity towards a hat is pretty ridiculous. And the fact you take a every day clothing item that people would wear all the time, a slogan that simply says “make America great again”, a campaign clothing supporting a democratically elected leader which people have worn since the forever with such disdain…is pretty telling. I had a Obama shirt, wore it in Texas and no one ever gave me shit.


Maybe we can make a green one with MTGA (Make Taiwan Great Again).


Perhaps you can explain how the rules work, some of us might be a little confused. Here is a guest explaining how triggered she gets when people wear a MAGA hat. Are we not allowed then to note that her being triggered (her own words) by an apparel item with a silly campaign slogan is a little bit of an over reaction, or are you seriously taking the position that use of the word triggered, which was used not 10 seconds ago by the progressive liberal to describe her feelings is now a triggering offense in and of itself?

In the meantime, do keep up your watching of Jorden Peterson videos, I think I have watched one or two minutes, but then again you might get more from them than me.


You know some wise people are afraid of AI taking over the world. I’m not afraid of AI, I’m afraid of the dunces acting like humourless algorithms. Zero nuance and one dimensional.
IF wearing a red hat THEN racist.
IF white THEN privileged.
IF not in support of open borders THEN not human.


Damn, I don’t have an NPC folder on my smartphone, it would have been perfect…



once again your innate ability to grasp anything subtle or innate is innately shocking.

no one is mad at the clothing, but there are people, and I have run into them on multiple occasions in libfagpussifornia (this year even, using California to counter your equally asinine Texas comment, where in Texas people are equally cordially).

Wearing clothing is one thing.

Being decked out head to toe in Trump attire just begging for people to comment is another.


How do you know what their motives are? Are you a mind reader?


didn’t you know that when people wear a Laker’s jersey it’s only because they want to have a fight with some Celtics’ fan? it is known.


good question, I don’t with certainty.

one dude though, rather ‘roided up’ (did I know he did roids? no. SO you see the difficulty in discussing anything without any logical leaps of faith), noticed me reading his ‘Trump 2020’ shirt puffed up and gave me a ‘how you like that? problem?’ type look and then said ‘Fuckin Trump baby!’ as I passed by.

Do all people in Lakers kit do that?

not likely.

Bro Conservatives (not all conservatives) are new to the political game and come in edgier and more aggressive. They love a bit of arguing, love to throw round words like ‘triggered’ and ‘snowflake’

love it


ok, let me rephrase, lets say you and your flat earth pals were discussing 9/11 conspiracy theories one day and a guy walked in with a ‘the CIA shot Kennedy’ t-shirt. After you patted him on the back for having such a cool shirt, you may realize that he is wearing it to A. make a statement (like the Lakers fan does) but to also B. get a reaction (like the Trump shirt and less so like the Lakers fan).


Really? You actually seem a little triggered by it. :sunglasses:

Of course, there are assholes of every political persuasion. You just seem to have projected that status onto a whole group of conservatives.


Stay triggered, my wonky friend!


It’s not really subtle is it? When people project their own issues and act like idiots for what? Supporting the president?

Everyday you hear some teacher making their student take off the maga hat, media giving air time to people calling it the new white hood, people refused service for wearing a maga hat, even c list celebrities try to get in on it because they go hard on 45 and make up BS about trump supporters attacking them yelling this is maga country! I’ve never seen this kind of behavior before.

And it seems your putting the blame on the person wearing a maga hat rather than the person who makes an issue of it.

New? People have been argueing politics since the Greeks and the romans.


Could it be he was slightly uncomfortable with a gay dude checking him out from head to toe? You probably made him feel like a piece of meat.



Did he also try to take your burqa away?


Probably Nigerians yelling this is maga country and put a noose on him lol.