BROADBAND: What you get and what you are paying

I am in the process of upgrading my internet connection. I am using a cable modem with Giga. I’ve been dabbling with some very cool programs that might help someone dl songs and movies.

I was wondering what everyone else is paying (for Cable or ADSL).
What you are getting…dl/ul speeds, webspace, email capacities.

So far Giga has been good to me. The only problem is that to upgrade I have to fill out a form that is in Chinese. This means I will have to ask someone who can read Chinese for help. :unamused:

I have the HiNet 64/512K ADSL. It costs me just under 1100 a month, or just above 1000 a month … glass half empty/half full.

I have 1.5M/386K ADSL. It’s fine. I pay… $799+499 pm.

Pretty good.


I have 1.5Mb down and 64k up. I get about 1.2Mb down, on average, and almost always over 1Mb. I don’t know exactly how much it costs because it keeps changing every month (some sort of discount pricing). Usually about a grand a month. Hinet/Chunghwa.

I’ve got the same as Hex, Steve. Works almost all the time at the speeds he quoted.

How much per month (about is fine)?

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I don’t have ADSL at home – I’m really clueless about the whole thing. I have a friend who is using Seednet’s service. I’m trying to help him upgrade to a 512K “upload” ADSL line – but I need your advice:

  1. He doesn’t know what kind of Seednet ADSL service he has – he only knows it’s a personal plan. How we can check exactly which plan he is on? – I assume this isn’t explicit on the billing statement

  2. Let’s say it is some plan that is less than the 512K upload ADSL. Although it should be easier to upgrade to Seednet’s 512K U/L service, should he switch to Hinet? Or are they all, basically, the same and he should stick it out with Seednet??

We’re thinking about… umm… connecting a webserver to the line and (ahem) eventually setting up a heavily modified phpBB forum :wink:

I’ve renamed this thread (by simply adding “Broadband:” to the beginning. Even I couldn’t find it again when I went to check it.

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I’ll be upgrading to 1.5/512 soon. However, we live in Wanhua where lines are crappy and currently get only 50 to 70 percent of the advertised (ie when it hasn’t rained for a while). That said, the upgrade will help measurably, but we’ll probably top out at 1Mbps.

I have the same plan as pinesay. It costs me about $1020 a month. It’s pretty reliable and speed is pretty consistent. You get 30MB of webspace and 50MB for email.

Seednet and Hinet use the same lines (Seednet rents usage rights from Hinet), so the line quality is basically the same. I’d just compare their plans, and go with whatever is cheaper and/or has more ‘free’ services. I think there’s some sort of promotion on Hinet’s ADSL plans now? Not sure… :wink:

Gus, the lines may be the same, but you should consider other aspects of Hinet before changing to them.

[quote=“MaPoDurian”]Gus, the lines may be the same, but you should consider other aspects of Hinet before changing to them.[/quote]

Thanks for this. I spoke to my buddy last night and the easiest thing for us would be to upgrade his Seednet to the 512KB upload ADSL line. This insight affirms our decision

This might be asking much, but… can anyone post a Big5 translation for the following: “We would like to upgrade our ADSL account to a 512KB Upload ADSL with static IPs”

Cheers :slight_smile:

NT$1965 - Hinet 2MB/384k 1 static IP

When you move house you should first find out where the nearest Chunghwa switching station is and then move as close to it as possible to make sure you get good line speed.

I have 1.5/384k 1 static IP service from So-Net which I am quite happy with. I pay about NT1500 total per month. I previously had 768k/128k 1 static IP service at around NT900 total per month from Giga but their performance was terrible.

2m/? Cable from ethome, NT2550/3months. Reasonable service and generally extremely fast. 20m mailbox.

Edited after seeing Ponchi’s post and rechecking the bill! I think the upload is (much) more than 256K though…

2M/ 256Kbs @ 2550 for 3 months, cable modem from ethome, avarage uptime is 99%.

Im using that same cable service but I’m getting 1.5M/384k for 2550. There’s only one cable modem carrier here in Taiwan as I understand.

As usual, cable speed depends on the network in your area, number of users etc etc, some areas require phone for upload an cable download if you don’t have coax in the area. Depends to some extent on the actual cable provider, not just the ISP. I know DL is def 2m in my area as I regularly hit that limit with Kazaa, used to be 3m btw.

I have the cheapest cable modem service available - 300NT a month including rental of the actual cable modem box. I don’t know how fast it’s supposed to be - the maximum I usually get is about 15k a second. That’s OK for internet radio but probably not great for streaming video. At peak times the connection does freeze up sometimes for a maximum of about 15 minutes - usually less. Oddly, sometimes switching the modem off and on again helps kickstart the connection when this happens.

It’s organised through my local cable TV company, but I think it’s another company that actually provides the service.