Buffet in New Taipei or Taipei

Does anyone know of any good buffets that serve lobster and decent all you can drink tap beer?

In Tainan, there is the Crowne Plaza Hotel, which serves lobster and tap beer. I’m looking for something similar up north.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

loads check out all the deals on EZTable. You can usually get a good deal if you pay in advance for 2 or more people

La Rotisserie is a good one!
Not cheap, but it’s very nice.

No. 3號, Section 1, Chengde Road, Datong District, Taipei City, 103
02 2181 9977

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This is pretty decent too:


One-for-one with AMEX Platinum.

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This thread goes through buffets, but there’s nothing specifically about lobster or beer:

That doesn’t sound like a good deal.

Lots of big hotels in Taipei. Check with them. I know Caesar Park has a buffet, I did not see any lobsters because I only went there for their afternoon tea… and even that was around 700+ (normal meal is double that). But other hotels will have something similar. Especially Yuanshan Hotel, they are sure to have something… if you can afford it.