bugs in food.

what is the standard protocol here for getting a bug served up in your meal from a restaurant?

i just went to a restaurant. ordered 3 things. the 3rd thing had a freaking roach looking thing underneath it. i was pretty WTF so i just called them and they got rid of it.

they came back a few minutes later and said i could have a free dessert. after asking if i still need to pay for the offending food they said ok i could have that taken off. but still had to pay for the rest. well at this point i was pissed so i said i dont wanna pay for anything and they were like ok fine you dont need to.

the food was also 20 minutes late so the staff are obviously crap. but still, is this normal service after sending out a bug, expecting the customer to still pay for the damn thing? i don’t expect service like back home but i was still pretty shocked and pissed off about this.

Depends on the place and the price point, but what I usually see is they replace the offending dish and it’s on the house. If it’s a slop shop, they’ll replace the dish and you still pay for it. If it’s some place with a high class reputation you may get a few extra free dishes as well, but probably not a free meal. There’s gonna be bugs in your food…it’s just a matter of how many you actually notice.

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Why are they bugs? I had to google that. Are they not insects?

Pretty sure you just have to ask, man.

Unless they got one of them No Substitutions deals, I hate that shit.

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it wasn’t some fly or ant or one of those small caterpillar things that didn’t get properly washed off the veg. it was some cockroach type thing. you couldn’t miss it, unless you are the chef obviously.

Yeah, I was thinking cockroaches, like the small ones. But if it’s a giant winged roach, then all bets are off. That should get you a free meal for sure…although you probably wouldn’t want to eat anything they served you at that point. :slight_smile:

“Bug” and “insect” are basically synonymous, though a bug could be a worm or something not quite an insect. “Bug” is used a lot more in informal contexts. No one would say “There’s an insect in my food!” (in my neck of the woods anyway.)

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North Americans are more likely to use the word “bug” than “insect”.
Brits will usually try and say what type of insect they’ve found in their food (e.g. beetle, fly, cockroach…)

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We would too, I’d say.

No pictures, no story.

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yea because this is so improbable in taiwan right? dude i was not in the mood to take an instagram food pic i was disgusted, i didn’t want to look at it. i just wanted to get out of there.

and basically i was after hearing about others experience to see what was the normal way of that being dealt with here.

If you want to be technical about it…

So I guess they didn’t charge you for the extra protein? just kidding. It can happen to the best of us. Their reaction sounds as if this is a common occurrence for them.
I was walking by a tofu shop late at night that sells a ton of tofu during the day. They had their wooden molds outside and there will so many giant roaches crawling over it. I cook for myself more and more these days, and I’m very critical of how the restaurant is maintained.

For people who are more particular with their terminology, I would say “bug” is the go-to for situations where it hasn’t yet been established whether the creature in question actually is an insect, or in fact an arachnid, crustacean, or, heaven forbid, a dreaded myriapod. :eek:

Timing… went to vegterian pientang and looking for place to seat then suddenly a roach wondering on the floor… wanted to step on it but I realized I’m at buddhist pientang :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Can’t step on it … they will point on me why murdering the roach.

Oh man, those small German cockroaches in food (or even bubble-tea) are the worst. It’s happened to me a couple times. And since it’s Taiwan and what’s even the point of complaining, I just leave it and walk out. All they’d do is smile and replace your cockroach rice with some other bowl of rice that may or may not also have had cockroaches in it at some point.
As for bugs in general, I did voluntarily eat some fried crickets at a night market recently. Tasted like crunchy pork skin and the soy sauce it was seasoned with. Wouldn’t get it again, but it was fine. Something about cockroaches though. Can’t do that.

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What the hell is pientang? From what godforsaken pinyin hell have you recently emerged?


A while ago I found a dead cockroach in a salad I’d been eating. I showed a staff member, then walked out without paying.

I was chopping up lettuce I bought at Carrefour, and found a sleeping caterpillar.

I don’t really trust the veg I get from Carrefour, or I Ke Lai, or Quan Lien. Wellcome seems to do OK. And there is a giant farmers market in Hsinchu City…what was the question?

I have never had a problem returning food in restaurants. Usually Laoban will take care of it. I must look so horribly pathetic and helpless, I have never had a problem with anyone when I need to return food, really.

how big was it? i find those small ones in broccoli a lot. local thinking is that it means the food isn’t loaded with chemicals.

LOL at pientang. poontang?

i saw a roach nonchalantly walking across a dou jiang restaurant once, no fucks were given by the staff. getting served one was worse though i have to admit, even if it was small. btw the restaurant was a japanese chain so its not like it was some dirty food vendor.