Bugs in food

My reaction if they had served me that and offered another bowl as a replacement:

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Tell us more. Was there a refund? A replacement? Did you finish the noodles? Inquiring minds want to know.

Almost everything was eaten before finding it. When drinking the soup directly from the bowl, something felt strange when touching the lips. And surprise, surprise! There it was. :sick:
Not hungry enough to finish everything. However, as everybody had ordered the same, all coworkers started to look in their own bowls :runaway:
Thinking again, anyone could had been the lucky guy… :noway:
It was delivered to work, so no chance to refund. A picture was send with a complaining though. :idunno:
On the good side, it was one bug, and not half one.:howyoudoin:


It’s like this thread was waiting for you. Give us name and address of this dump so we know to avoid it.


I don’t have the address, but the restaurant is called 二一食堂
In fact, the food was not bad, but I’m sure we won’t order from there anymore!

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How do they know the roach wasn’t in the main stockpot? It could have been cooked in the pot and then ended up in your bowl…

I’m sure that high-quality insect protein and oil added a nutty flavor to the broth!


that is GRIM!

You guys don’t know what side your bread’s buttered on. When I was a lad we used to dream of a cockroach or a weevil in the evening swill.

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Just so you know, there are often a percentage of bugs in vegetables. It means if you want to be strictly vegan, you’ve still eaten some bugs.

Just so you know, virtually everyone with two brain cells to rub together already knows that. :roll:

Especially @Explant, who’s a bloody farmer and frequently shares his extensive knowledge about it on here.


I think I literally just made that comment above, with a few examples :hugs:

As veggie as I am, I am 100% pro using insects, crustaceans and other so called “bugs” as animal protein. I study it quite a lot actually and procuse some to boot. My only issue is contamination, label fraud, cruelty and other such discrepancies.

But, TLs point is still valid. Even if he is repeating a known point. Vegans aren’t vegans. This is fact. On the flip side, most meat eaters have zero clue what they are eating either. The root problem is the same: ignorance with consumers and fraud with suppliers. I will die on this hill lol. Sadly, we will probably all die on this hill :grimacing:


The problem with eating bugs is parasites.

People eat snails but don’t even think about eating snails you find out there, unless you want to die horribly. The thing can be described as moving bags of parasite. If we are eating bugs we have to be even more strict about how they are raised, because someone could just be catching random bugs and serving them, or even random bugs end up mixed in with the good bugs.

At least marine bugs have less parasite, because saltwater does lessen them. We do not eat fresh water fish raw for example, doing so would be stupid. Even sea fish has to be treated to eat raw.

Semi true. It’s hard to compare tortured chickens that cannot move and are literally constantly sprayed with chemicals, fed chemicals, selectively bred, then inbred, then tortured some more to create a stable genotype. Then they are processed in even more chemicals and more pain and torture to enable the right type of mouth feel (texture).

And you want to compare all those trillions of dollars and hundreds of years of millions of peoples full effort on getting a chicken breast to KFC level to an invasive wild snail which eats dead carcasses and literal shit? Not a fair comparison.

Farmed insects with equal amounts of chemicals and care are not so parasite ridden. I mean, even with all the horrendous tyranny against animals and against our own health eating them, we still have bird flu, hormone issues, food poisoning etc etc…so, it’s not a strong argument.

Meanwhile the FCR alone makes insects a better protein than any vertebrate or any plant. Hands down. And that’s without any meaningful development. Be it gmo, selective breeding or massive investment. That says more than I could ever hope to.

A feature, not a bug?