Burger & Co

Surprised no one has mentioned this friendly little burger place yet. It has definitely turned into our neighborhood favorite. Great place for a high quality burger and a beer (they have a veggie burger too). It is a block off of Tonghua Street in Taipei (number 49 Tongan Street).



Funny you mentioned this place. I went there with my brother-in-law on Wednesday and I was pleasantly surprised. I payed 170NT for a really good cheese burger with bacon. The patty was succulent, the bun was perfect and it was put together just right. We got some buffalo wings as well - they were pretty good. I’m definitely going back for burgers. They had a pulled pork sandwich on the menu, but because I went pretty late (around 10-ish) they didn’t have any left. Think I might try that next time. My only concern about this place is that it’s pretty small. When more people find out about it, it might not be so easy to get a table. I guess the food can be taken away though.

Edit: just tried the pulled pork sandwich today and it was excellent.

Great burger, on Tuesday had the double with an egg. I’d say well over a half pound of good quality meat (fresh ground daily). Spicy wings that are first fried, then tossed a few times in a Buffalo sauce like proper wings should be. I also ordered the truffle cheese fries, and although they were mighty tasty, the stong flavors of the truffle oil were overpowering the nuances of the burger when alternating bites. They conflicted rather than complimented the burger like normal fries so I would order or eat them separately.

On their Facebook page they’ve got a picture of a blue cheese and jalapeno burger, looks awesome, but I don’t know if it’s on the menu or not. I’m going to try and order it next time I go. Well, I did try to order one last night, but by the time I got there it was 9:40 and they close at 10:00 so we couldn’t order anything - shame.

How much? how much? are the fillets actual meat? or are they that weird mix of who knows what that some food stalls around Taipei use?

The normal burger was 150 and the cheese burger with bacon was 170. I think the prices are good for what you get. The fillets looked like real meat (as opposed to what you’d get in Mc D’s) and were very tasty. Check their FB page out and see for yourself - the OP posted it up there.

It’s pretty close to where I live, so I’m just glad that I found it. Wish they closed later than 10 pm though.

Shout out to Phil at Burger & Co. Great food - thank you for dropping by in the rain

Ordered the Bacon Cheeseburger and BBQ Pulled Pork sandwich - both very nice. And also had the BBQ Wings and Truffle Fries, too. Wings were great and meaty - I’ll be sure to try the spicy ones next time. The fries were nice, although by the time I got around to eating them they were cold (it was a cold night and I could not sit down and eat as soon as they arrived).

Will definitely go back. Great to know it’s in the neighborhood. Good luck to you guys :slight_smile:

Another +1 from this American. Went on Monday, got the pulled pork, delicious. The pink sauce kinda threw me off, but it was all good. And cheap. The only minor issue was the fries were a bit soft; I prefer mine extra crispy!

Ehem, where was this when I was asking about pulled pork? :fume: Delivery, you say? :lick:

Wouldn’t have some poutine?

Pulled pork sandwich is so excellent that I had two. Great buns too.

Should also mention that it isn’t always available, and fries, also excellent and homemade, are not always available. At least when I’ve been there. Not sure why not… but the burgers are good.

Keep wanting to get over there for that!

Remodeling. (Edit: Another One Bites the Dust.)

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No way! I went on Sunday!

Doesn’t look like a remodeling job as everything is coming out and nothing’s going in.

This is terrible! I liked their pulled pork

That’s all I liked and ate there.


FB page says remodeling and planning to reopen July 10th.


Marco is happy once again.


Went by the new shop recently.

Not great, somewhere between Mcdonalds and Burger King, not even close to other specialty burger places, not cooked and still red inside, but even if properly cooked still nothing special, only 6 chairs in restaurant.

I would probably go to Everywhere Burger if in the area or maybe the Wagyu Burger. Or McDonalds.

Not into it at all.

You have to have their pulled pork. It’s all I ever order.

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