Business Idea

Something along the lines of Locked Up Abroad would probably get better ratings.

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There’s a Facebook page that would love to be a partner in this venture…

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Yeah, them and Apple Daily.

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Currently India is looking for new business investor - purchase a land and build a factory or build a hotel in India.

I have a business contact of a Nigerian Prince whose money is stuck in an International Bank and he needs funds to release such deposit due to his fathers untimely death. Should be a quick turn around Profit if I understand his email…


Is he willing to put up his solid gold crown as collateral?

Unfortunately his crown is locked in the banks safety deposit box and he is looking forward to getting it back someday with an investors help.


Lots of awesome ideas here already… some more I came up with

Open up

  • a buxiban
  • a semiconductor factory, or
  • a cafe

in Taiwan, somewhere. I don’t have much more info than this. Good luck.

Umbrella factory :+1:

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This reminds me of another scammer from Nigeria, who got scammed himself…

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You’re lucky!

“French filmmaker is naturalized”

Another one?

How about setting up a consultancy service for getting ARC, bank accounts and all that shit in Taiwan for people that are relocating? Or does that exist already?

It’s probably easy enough to arrange it all oneself but people are damn lazy.

Basically providing a service which makes a shit, arduous, costless task into an easy but expensive one

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I’ve got a few that would work if I had the money and time for it. Or at least the capital to invest and let other people manage it.

Anyway, people here love chain places. Look at an area that’s underserved by a certain chain and think about which would go there. I’ve seen this happen several times here where there’s no, for example, 7-11 in the area, one opens up and it’s forever busy after that.

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Claw machines…we need more claw machines.


How about an actual arcade with actual video games. All the ones aside from the Tom’s World in Ximen suck.

Smaller ones seem to come and go, but I guess it’s hard to make money when everyone is playing on consoles or their phones. The games that provide an experience you can’t get otherwise must not be cheap.

Until three more open up a couple of years later…But yeah I have seen it happen in a few newly developed spots. Those places don’t run themselves either , still a fair bit of work even if part time.

Yep, hence why I don’t have the time to even attempt opening some chain place. Obviously having enough money to pay staff from the get-go is the way to go.

Yep, those 4D flight simulator games don’t come cheap.

If anything I would look at either:

a) Lots of fighting games like Street Fighter, King of Fighters, etc

b) A full retro games theme like the arcades in Akihabara that only have NES, SNES, Genesis, etc games.


You still have to monitor the place and do the accounts , also staff leave, get sick so you have to fill in for them. I think they can provide income of around 70k to 100k per some outlets (they did before ) but it seemed like a fair bit of work (I knew a franchisee).
One of the problems with this is that you don’t really build equity in the business.
Personally I (and many others it seems) would favour opening drink shops.

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