Busted for riding a "medium" bike. Got pink slip. What's my fate.


I got busted for riding a medium bike. I’m licensed for a light bike and car only. So, I got a pink slip and the best I can decipher is I’ve got to go into the county seat and pay a fine. But the fine is not disclosed.
It could be a court summons but I’m not sure.
It’s a pink slip and there are two check boxes that say I have to pay a fine. But that’s all I can decipher.
Anyone got a similar ticket. I’m asking here before I show it to family members who can actually translate for me… .
How much am I liable for.


According to Article 22 of Road Traffic Management and Penalty Act, the fine may be 1800~3600NTD.


Is this like I’m going to have to show up at the office and plead my case to determine how much I’ll be fined? Why is there not amount on the paper.
It’s a rectangular pink slip, mostly handed writtened.
Do you know what I am talking about?
Is this considered a crime that will affect my immigration status… APARC,
How about my car license.


What is a “medium bike”?


I have no experience of that, but Article 9 of the Act says you should report to the designated administrative office on the notice within 30days, and should pay the fine. I found a Chinese site saying it is 1800NTD within 30d, 2400NTD between 30~60d, and after that 3600NTD.

You may get some penalty points on your license.

I believe it is an administrative violation and not a crime, so APRC may not be affected.


Yellow plate I think


you are not going to jail, nor will you be deported. ha ha.

had a similar situation happen to me. Got caught without a scooters license.
Got the ticket in the mail, paid the fine, studied the English test, passed on 1st go and passed the scooter driving test on 2nd go (the scooter driving test is not as simple/easy as it would seem).
Not worried about the fine, as I amortized the amount over 20+ years, ha ha. Very cheap to me.


Funny, this was in relation to an accident. I basically called the police on myself. I was involved in a low speed accident on a blind intersection where I was the only injured party. But my arm was broken and I needed an ambulance. My wife called the police
To make a long story short. The police determined that the blame was close to equal. And threw it out. It may be a little more the other party’s fault and there is a strong chance that I will get paid by the insurance company. But… great… the police threw the case out but kept the ticket against me.
I better seriously try to pass the test. The low speed of this test makes me choke. I do these moves all the time.
All I need is the road test. I failed it twice for the slow turn at the end.
The car test was a piece of cake.
Food for thought! You need not involve the police if you document everything and honestly negotiate. I think they prefer not getting involved.


Points on license. Can you explain the concept to me?
In NJ, you do one small thing while the that car is in motion, you get points slapped on your license. You lose your regular insurance policy for about a year and get put into a high risk group with super high fees.
If you dare get into trouble and get more points you lose your license.

In Taiwan, I’ve only got a couple speeding tickets. I don’t think I got any points. But all I had to do was pay a fine at 7-11.
How do points work here in Taiwan? How do you get them? Get rid or them and what effect on your insurance if any?


Why do they have so many bad scooter riders?


It’s not that.
It was the part about traveling between 2 lines (about 1 meter apart) for 10 meters in length, but you canNOT pass the 10m mark in UNDER like 10 seconds.
So, it’s a balance between throttling the engine with right hand and braking with left hand to create the proper balance (though, technically, they say you are not allowed to do this. Oh well, I did).




Go in, get number, talk to the person, pay fine. Continue your life. If it’s an accident things can go pear shaped. I got the same for nonpicense at all, but it was running a red no accident. So the whole process was easy and painless, just a tad expensive. For me it was 6k something but many years ago. Should be super easy and painless so long as no one else was involved.


Yes, taking the scooter test is not as easy as it seems. As I said, I live far from the testing center and every year or so they come out here to give the test to us hillbillies.
It’s done in a park area and it’s quite a show. Many otherwise good drivers fail. It is difficult. You have a narrow lane to stay within. You have to stop for a fake train crossing and pedestrian crossing. You must go very slow and do very difficult turns. I think you must be below 7KPH.
The test really has no bearing on reality. Except when you’ve got these old ladies going so slow in front of you, you find it difficult to balance.


One thing you may need to check is the notice says it is a violation of Article 22 of the Act, but not a violation of Article 21 (driving without a license).

If it is wrongly recorded, you should appeal at the designated office within 30days.


What do you mean. What would be the difference?
Technically, I don’t have a license for a hundred cc bike only a fifty cc and a car.
I guess I should just show up next week with some money and throw myself at the clerk’s mercy. Should I bring my automobile license?


Article 21 is on driving without any license, and the fine is 6000NTD, iirc. Article 22 is on driving without a proper license, and the fine is 1800NTD if payed within 30 days.


So, having a car license. is considered a licensing but the wrong license. That’s what you are saying.


Could you please link the proper passages in English and Chinese here? I may have to visit the office on my own without local support.


Road Traffic Management and Penalty Act
English http://law.moj.gov.tw/MOBILE/lawEng.aspx?pcode=k0040012
Chinese http://law.moj.gov.tw/MOBILE/law.aspx?pcode=K0040012

Article 21
In the event of any of the followings, car drivers shall be fined from NT$6,000 to NT$12,000, and shall be prohibited from driving right at scene:

  1. Operating a small car or motorcycle without a driver license.
  2. Operating a small car with a motorcycle license.
  3. Operating a small car or motorcycle using a fake or altered license, or a license obtained by unlawful manners.
  4. Operating a small car or motorcycle with a driver’s license that has been revoked or cancelled.
  5. Operating a small car or motorcycle while the driver’s license is suspended.

Article 22
In the event of any of the followings, car drivers shall be fined from NT$1,800 to NT$3,600 and be prohibited from driving:

  1. Operating a commercial vehicle with a general driver license.
  2. Working as a professional driver with a general driver license.
  3. Operating non-military vehicles with a military driver license.
  4. Operating a heavy motorcycle with a driver license for trailers, buses, truck, or small car.
  5. Operating a large heavy motorcycle with a general heavy motorcycle license.
  6. Operating a general heavy motorcycle with a light motorbike license.
  7. Operating vehicles with an expired driver license.
    For the offenses detailed in Subparagraph 7, the driver’s license shall be withheld.
    Should a car owner allow an illegal driver as defined in Paragraph 1 to drive, he/she shall be fined as stipulated in Paragraph 1 and a traffic violation shall be recorded for said vehicle. The owner may exempt from penalty under the condition that he/she has tried his/her best to verify the driver’s eligibility to operate the vehicle and still can not prevent the violation from happen.