Buxiban PCR tests

Has anyone got notified by their schools? One place asks me to take the PCR test with MY OWN MONEY. I didn’t even have that many classes from that school.

Thinking of quitting.


I know a cram school owner in Tainan. She is buying the tests. They are $750 each. She said the rules are to either be vaccinated or do weekly PCR tests. I find that odd since we know the vaccines do not prevent the virus from spreading 100%.


I was told to go to a hospital to do the PCR test then do weekly rapid tests. No idea of the price, I’m just trying to enjoy my vacation.

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My school is paying for the tests for two weeks. The rapid kind. After that, you need to pay for yourself.

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My school wants me to get the hospital test which costs 3000-4500. I make 4 grands from that school = =

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If the rapid tests are fine at my school, why do you need to pay so much?

‘Cause rapid test is not fine by my school. They want reports from a hospital.

So they are asking for something above and beyond what the government is asking.

So they should pay.

They don’t want, and I also don’t want to.

If you had a fever, and needed to see a doctor it would be free, included in the cost.
That’s what happened to us. But you’d not save much, maybe 200nt.
BTW, fever was due to a “not covid” infection. Plus, they won’t let you in the hospital for two hours. Stuck to shiver in a rainy tent.

And I need to have a fever, too. I don’t think I could fake fever in front of a doctor… Seems like this gig is a no go.

Where did the 900 come from? I asked the hospitals around and they either only provid tests for in patient, or it’s 3000.

The vaccines are free.

Is the issue a question of paying for tests until double vaccinated?

Seriously, could we not write this off as a “business expense.”
I don’t do the taxes for our household but the wife collects receipts for all medical visits
Also, when our family had a business, we could write off sales taxes. Maybe these necessary expenses are deductible.
I’m no accountant, but I’d ask someone.

You only have to be tested until 14 days after your first jab.

No. I’m a new teacher so I wasn’t on the list. I’m not vaccinated at all.

You still have to get tested every week if I understand it right… not sure if it’s school policy or gov policy.

It’s not right and it’s stupid, but that’s par for the course nowadays.

However, it’s not a hill I’d choose to die on.


Not according to my school. I’m in NTPC. Must be different rules for different places.

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All this will change if a fully vaxxed teacher tests positive one day and they have to close down for 2 weeks.

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Which is possible