Buy a forum a coffee

I think facemask would be far more appropriate in these trying times


‘Buy a Coffee’ is more concise than ‘Wait in Line for 40 Minutes to pick up 2 Masks.’

Plus, the Coffee one will outlast this current crisis and not seem like a dated reminder of bad times when this is over.

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I bought a coffee. Seems fair since I used the site for lots of information throughout the years.


Thank you!

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I was going to buy them a coffee, but both the UI and me were broken.

Also, 50% of stuff I post get removed or temped. Maybe I should give you a coffee and then take it off your hands 1 minute later.


I hate coffee. Overrated muck.

And “coffee” is a non-count noun.


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You seem pretty optimistic these aren’t the end times…

Plus, if we’re going to be geographic about all this, what about bubble tea?

Without coffee I don’t know how I’d get through the day. Need that caffeine boost. Taste is secondary.


It’s a terrible time, but it’s not the apocalypse. In a year, life will be pretty much back to normal.


Red Bull. Anyway, tea has nearly as much caffeine as coffee.

As an aside, I was unfriended by three people on Facebook for sniggering at their coffee fetishes. :stuck_out_tongue:

There are more memes on social media about coffee than cats.

Some people really take that shit seriously.


I thought those pictures were forbidden on FB.

I just drank my coffee with extra milk and honey. Take that, coffee old geezers!

Is there a way to do this where I don’t have to show my real life information? With a credit card it wanted an email, and with paypal it wanted to ship to my home address. I’d prefer to just stay anonymous and buy you folks a couple of coffees.


Cheers. I did not expect it needed that much personal information. The form says, “sign up isn’t required” so I assumed it would be simpler than what you observed.

I’ll look out for ways other websites have kept things simple and private and post here about it


It appears the email address is not validated…

Do you mean that you can put a fake email address?

Try to convince a coffee user, they say bollocks. We know the truth :wink:

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I also saw that you had given money. Is there a way to connect the credit card payment to the user? I guess this is a question for GooseEgg.

Obviously not a very educated, scientific lot.

To make it fair, you should buy two coffees and remove one of them a minute later.