Buying Bitcoin in Taiwan

Does anyone know how to buy Bitcoin in Taiwan? As far as I know, we don’t have any ATMs dispensing BC, yet.

Has anyone tried the Bitcoin Exchanges in China, especially after Mt.Gox “blew up.”

Just found an ATM @ this address:

(Address deleted) - PM me for it. Apparently, the powers that be don’t like Bitcoin much. :loco: [edit]

Has anyone ever seen or used this BC ATM?

Bitcoin is not allowed in Taiwan. … coin-atms/

I was doing the LocalBitcoin thing for a while… before the ATH :slight_smile:

If you look around on Meetup there’s a couple of Bitcoin groups in Taiwan (or were, anyway). should work

You can buy it an FamilyMart from the FamiPort now, thanks to BitoEx. Have not tried it personally.

[quote=“MPenguin”]You can buy it an FamilyMart from the FamiPort now, thanks to BitoEx. Have not tried it personally.[/quote]

Awesome. It couldn’t be any easier. :thumbsup:
Now, it’s just to figure out how to sell.

More about buying Bitcoin at Family Mart: … mily-mart/

You may want to rephrase that. :wink:

Taiwan (quoting MPenguin):

To compare: Singapore

Is BitCoin allowed in Taiwan now?

You can still buy it at Family Mart. A buddy just bought some a few days ago that way.

Yes I see MaiCoin uses Hi-Life to allow you to buy bitcoin, Ether and LiteCoin

“In January, Taiwan’s Financial Supervisory Commission banned the installation of bitcoin ATMs in Taiwan, and declared that neither banks nor commercial institutions should accept bitcoin. That ban remains in effect, but BitoEx and Family Mart aren’t subject to it because they only facilitate the purchase of bitcoin, not the purchase of goods and services using bitcoin.”

From the article linked above about Family Mart. It’s from 3 years ago.

Yeah the info is old, so I wonder if things have changed recently.

The info about using BitoEX to buy from Family Mart is still valid. As I mentioned, a buddy just did it over the weekend. Just bought like 3000 NT worth for shits and giggles.

Apparently it was only illegal to install the BC ATM machines or to try and use it as actual currency. Taiwan treated (treats?) it as a product.

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There was a guy who commented on that YouTube video less than 24 hrs ago saying he tried it at family mart and that the staff said they no longer do business with bitoex, so conflicting info. I’m interested in buying some so I’ll head over and confirm either way.

Definitely conflicting. My buddy bought his last Friday (just confirmed) at the Family Mart by his home in Zhongli. Like I said, he only bought 3000 NT worth (he said 0.00585524 worth). He used BitoEX. Wonder if he got in just under the wire?

Also, the instructions for purchasing via Family Mart are still up at the BitoEX website.

Please let us know your results as I’m considering it myself. Thanks!

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Head over to Hi-Life and buy Bitcoin, Etherium, or Litecoin through Maicoin.

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Does anyone know what the tax implications of cashing out large sums of Bitcoin/cryptocurrencies are in Taiwan, assuming one is a resident etc?. I’m guessing it would be taxed as capital gains?

Okay so I looked at MaiCoin and at the top on their toolbar it lists in NTD:

BTC: $546,945
ETH: $26,088
LTC : $10,969

When I log in and want to buy the price changes to:

BTC: $621,129
ETH: $30,194
LTC: $12,652

So why is there a difference in prices from the buy price which they list and the buy price.