Buying Bitcoin in Taiwan

Probably because they are using the average price whatever that means. This area seems to be highly unregulated and some distasteful marketing tactics.

When you want to buy they give you the buy price you check against the current price on coingecko it’s usually around a 10% difference.

Sucks but there are few options .

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Thoughts on bitcoin cash?

I just read that the CEO of bitcoin sold all of his bitcoin!

CEO of

This area is full of speculators making a killing.

That guy knows he can move the market by the statement but first he put all his money into bitcoin cash then made the statement. Probably not only him but his bunch of connected folks and funds.

Another example was IOTA recently.
Microsoft supposed tie up boosted the coin 10x , then two weeks later admitted there is no such official tie up

If it was a public company you’d be in jail but this is the wild west there are no repercussions just a lot money to be made and lost quickly.

I’m putting some money into IOTA simply because it’s the last of the big three tech to possibly explode . Blockchain and ether already ran up so the tangle is the last one with a chance of a big run up.
Iota is completely

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so bitcoin is going down?

What is bitoEX price? MaiCoin is still high $18000us +

Why is bitcoin so fucking expensive in Taiwan???

MaiCoin its $20,500 to buy a coin. That is retarded.

Its quite the Rip off.

It’s a scam by a Chinese mining-rig manufacturer named Jihan Wu. He had found a mining exploit that depended on the planned “segregated witness” upgrade not happening, so he spread FUD for almost two years to block any progress. When the exploit was finally discovered and the community forced the activation of SegWit a few months ago, he forked off BCash as a way to attack Bitcoin.

He made an estimated US$300,000,000 through his exploit, so he has quite a lot of funds available to waste on attacks.

Do you normally have such poor reading comprehension skills that you mistake “Litecoin” for “Bitcoin”?

If so, go ahead and waste your money on BCash. Jihan will thank you for helping him to offload his scamcoin onto another gullible fool.

Bitcoin Cash is 8 times faster than Bitcoin though.
Believe me, Bitcoin fees right now are reaching ridiculous amounts, $10 for a $100 transfer, who will be willing to pay ten percent of fee?
For a $1000 transfer it is more $20 so two percents is more acceptable.
But Bitcoin will become useless if nothing is done to take care of the fees problem.

Bitcoin Cash is really powerful but still waiting for some merchants to accept it, not many but maybe it will come.’s co-founder and chief technology officer Emil Oldenburg has reportedly sold off all his Bitcoins (BTC) and cashed in on Bitcoin Cash (BCH).”

Also looks to me like it says Bitcoin, not Litecoin. Damn these poor reading comprehension skills.

BTW, welcome to the forum.

I trade on bitfinex.
I see ripple going gangbusters there are 300 million i~ ripple trades just today. Banks are behind it probably American express and most likely will list in coin base very soon.
Monero is interesting because it is truly a private coin and already well traded and shows steady growth.
IOTA simply because it has potential for explosive growth like ether, at the same time it may amount to nothing.

I’m putting money into ripple, monero, litecoin, dash, iota and holding.

Maybe a bit into dogecoin too which just bounces up and down like crazy.

I think bitcoin has massive shortcomings smart money already seems to be spreading and moving into more easily traded coins.

Ger some more coins Xmas is coming it is likely to have another coin rush next week !

Thanks, came here to look for a used scooter, found out the ads have been moved to a site that apparently doesn’t work. Yay.

And my bad, I hadn’t seen that news. The other news yesterday was that Charlie Lee, who is the head of the Litecoin project, divested himself of all Litecoin yesterday. That was much more widely publicized than any news of one of the BCash scammers dumping his Bitcoin.

The official Bitcoin site is “”. There’s no such thing as a “CEO of Bitcoin”; the inventor, who used the pseudonym “Satoshi Nakamoto”, published the software as open source, got people interested in the project, and disappeared. There are some strong clues that the founder was actually Hal Finney, a well-known cryptographer who was the second party in the very first Bitcoin transaction, and who lived nearby a man named Satoshi Nakamoto. Finney died in 2014.

As far as goes, it is owned by Roger Ver, who has teamed up with Jihan Wu to promote their scamcoin “Bitcoin Cash” (BCash, BCH), which is a hard fork of the original Bitcoin (BTC).

In any case, if you folks want to buy in to BCash, feel free, it’s your money. I have done my civic duty and warned you.

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Yeah not sure what @SkippyTheMagnificent means by poor comprehension skills because the articles all say co-founder Emil Oldenburg sold his bitcoin.

Now say you’re sorry and wish me a happy birthday @SkippyTheMagnificent

"There’s no such thing as a “CEO of Bitcoin”

The article said CTO, I read it too quickly. Chief Technology Officer.

You’re still a dick though. You could just google what I said before saying I have poor comprehension skills.

Bitcoin doesn’t have a CTO either. “Bitcoin dot com”, which is just a commercial website promoting a scamcoin, has a CTO.

But let me make it up to you. If you really want to buy BCash, I’ll sell you the BCH that I currently have on Bitoex (I got it from the hard fork, I didn’t buy it) at fair market value as shown on (or other site if you prefer and it isn’t a fraud), and using the USD-NTD exchange rate reported by entering USDTWD into Google. At this moment, the site reports that BCH is at US$3045.74 and USDTWD is 29.98, so that is NT$91311 per 1.00000 BCH. I have a little more than 0.6 BCH. I will cover all fees. You pay only for the BCH that actually arrives at the address you tell me to send it to.

I will meet you in a bank lobby or police station near any Taipei MRT station. You bring cash. You sign a statement acknowledging that I have warned you that I consider “Bitcoin Cash” to be a fraud, that you want it anyway, and that what I am transfering to you is “Bitcoin Cash” aka “BCash” aka “BCH”, and is not Bitcoin aka “BTC”, and that you don’t expect to get any Bitcoin aka “BTC” (or Bitcoin Gold, or Bitcoin Diamond, or any of the other forks) from me. I will do a test transfer of a small amount to the BCH address that you specify, you confirm that it is the correct address (and initial the spot on the form), you hand me the value that we determine from the above method and the amount of BCH that I have on Bitoex, and I transfer the rest of the BCH to the same address. Then we wait until you get as many confirmations as you feel like (up to three). I’ll refund to you whatever amount has been eaten by fees. Then we go our separate ways.

If you are outside Taipei, I will cover your train, bus, or bicycle fare to Taipei, based on the value shown on a receipt dated that day, up to a maximum of NT$500.

This will need to be done after January 1st at 2pm Taipei time, because I’m going to get stuck paying U.S. taxes on this and I don’t want to have to deal with it on this year’s tax return.

If you want more than 0.6, let me know and I’ll ask a friend if he wants to dump his BCH too.

Fair enough? You save a bunch of fees, you get what you want, sounds like a win! Happy birthday!

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Oh man I got stuck with bitcoin in a transaction from bitoex to bitfinex thats taking 16 hours already. Previous transactions took from 5 mins to 3.5 hours.

They want 300 USD to accelerate it. Full of scammers.
Meanwhile the price drops.

I only bought bitcoin so I could exchange it for something else.

Visit this page there are a few services for free to accelerate your transactions.

Yes Bitcoin network is a mess right now, and I think that explains the big drop in price of yesterday.

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“right now”…!
It’s constantly a mess been a mess from day one

Just 6 months ago it was working fine, you could send a fast payment and pay $3 for it. Now if you pay $3 your transaction will get stuck for days…