Buying Bitcoin in Taiwan


Yesterday the price went from 17k I believe, to 11k, and now it is floating around 14k… lol


I got my transaction through by about 22 hours !

Inyerestingly f you use bitoex I can’t see any way to pay money to accelerate the transaction (not that you should have to pay money to accelerate sending digital currency).

Extraordinarily bad timing to make my big play in this area.
The only saving grace was almost all the coins dropped at similar value except ripple.

I never want to deal with bitcoin again it’s a disaster . I have moved all my btc into other coins which are at least tradeable assets or currencies . I think some of them like dash, litecoin , monero and bitcoin cash will take over from BTC in medium term.
Ripple is well traded by banks as well. I bought some and helped me ride out the storm. At one stage I saw 300 million dollars being traded in Ripple on the bitfinex exchange !

BitcoIn miners and system are a crooked and broken cesspit.

I am currently down bout 25% from my investment in crypto including the 10% fee to acquire btc in Taiwan. I was down about 35% yesterday !

Bought a bunch of iota and see if the tangle ever shoots up like ether someday.

It’s going to be fun to trade em and see what happens. It will be nice to actually make money from my ‘investments’.


Good god, this sounds . . . bracing.



Everything is shooting back up again 10,20,30%.

I am now down only 10% waiting to break-even in the brave new world :).

Come on suckers put your money in and give me some of your moolah.

I predict a Christmas rush similar to Thanksgiving so another 20 to 30% up as more people buy in on credit cards . Make it happen!!


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Dropping again? Crypto swings more up and down than my old ball sack


It is called market manipulation. Pump and dump.

Someone with a LOT of coins, a whale in trader lingo, is going in and out of the crypto market with billions of dollars in a short time. These waves causes BTC to jump between 11k and 14k-ish (and altcoins likewise). And it is not done for our benefit.

Expecting at least one more huge dip before this year is over.


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Some of the currencies are driven by BTC conversion and some more by USD and won buying in directly but it seems BTC gives a market in terms of confidence in the whole market. Koreans and Japanese are huge investors in some of the currencies like Ripple.

It could definitely dip again or it could break out again soon, who knows.

But I am fairly confident we will have another strong bull run that will break records in 2018. After that run up we could see a huge crash as we would we be talking trillions of investments So load up on some coins and hold the horses for a little bit. Ripple was a bit of a safe haven in this bust so can try to balance out a bit with some ripple.

There are still lots of developments in this market to come. More big wall street players to jump in and setup trading desks and further tech development eg lightning platform for BTC.
Maybe Amazon or other big companies or retail endors will make it easier to purchase by cryptos soon…That would be a big boost indeed. Why not ? It is easy to swipe a phone.

Probably LTC and BCH will continue to rise as you can buy directly with debit and credit card in US and im guessing that more vendors will start to accept them.

Anyway at the moment pretty much everything is going up and coming coming down due to sentiment.


I am breaking even ! This is a momentous day for my new investments :smile:

Come on Korean housewives buy buy buy.

edit- I’ve been looking into Ripple and it’s being trialed now for almost instant international banking transactions between Korea and Japan. I’m going to favour investing in this one in terms of the main coins.


Where do you buy ripple from?


Exhange on Bitfinex from BTC


@Brianjones So that’s kraken then?


Guys Ripple is blowing up!

Buy some I reckon it’s got a fair bit of steam in it. people are sick of bitcoin which is a pain in the arse to use.

These Ripple guys are in with the banks (check their website and CEO interviews) and got compliance nailed they have a strong shot at success. If so you are talking about valuation at BTC and beyond so 5 times current at least ? They claim 4 second transaction times are possible and the fee is really low which is nice.

The other one I really like right now is Cardano.
These guys are the open source genius types who are putting together a rival to Ethereum and Neo. I like that they are transparent and put a lot of research into their system.
That’s good for working with businesses .
They are making a platform with layers that will have lots of flexibility and easy to program for developers.

The other contenders in this platform space are Neo and QTUM (both Chinese). Put some money in those to balance out returns.

The platforms are like the next Microsoft , Apple or Oracle OS and Databases you would want to put money into them now. We will have just a few dominant platforms in the next decades due to networkng effects.


What a ride it’s been in one day! I see XRP is not so popular with bitcoiners I could understand it given recent trends.

At one stage last night I was up almost 25k USD as I had put all my money on ripple . The market is extremely volatile and then plunged (the whole market not just ripple). I have now moved money into different coins and platforms to balance the risk but still over 50‰ in XRP … Neo , Qtum, Ether, Iota and XRP.

Bizarrely the price of XRP/Won is almost 50‰ higher than none Korean exchanges. Weird stuff.


Looks like you are right. Although I suspect the market drops are due to bitcoin whales diversifying out of bitcoin and soaking up all the USD in the market.


My guess is that this is a hedge fund (or the like) that is cashing out - or whoever it was that pumped the market on Christmas day.


Very likely the market will rally hard within a couple of daus, everything down almost but no bad news.


The whole market is down about 30% from peak. Seems like a lot of the irrational exuberance of the Dec run up is being driven out. So far XRP is holding up at a base 2.2 in a bad bear market which hopefully is a new baseline for the currency.


I’m waiting for it to dip before buying it.