Buying Bitcoin in Taiwan


I already am salty very salty ! I know a guy who was jobless and doing fuck all 3 years ago and he is rich now

I nearly jumped in so many times…


Tron TRX is HIGHLY speculative full of hype but nothing of substance yet. Only thing going for it is its low value so far.

Stellar lumens already has a platform up and running.


This week in Crypto land.

Finally put my big allocation of BTC in after test transfers immediately market dumps on me and down 15% person. Bitoex fucked up the transfer meaning it was stuck for 20 hours (did not attach mining fee).
Sweating buckets trying to figure out what is going on, what are consensus checks, what are mining and transaction fees etc. Feeling sorry for myself for my market timing.

Put everything in XRP and it shoots up to more than double ON THE FIRST DAY making massive on paper profit.

Traders quickly dump XRP and Koreans rush to exist, paper profit 90% gone. Feel like a chump.

Go half half XRP and Neo and add few Iota.

Get very nervous when see Korean herd investors ccount for 50‰ XRP trade and also fear of XRP whales. Dump XRP and dump IOTA cos it never does anything.

All in Neo after checking financials and roadmap and development community, but also invest in first ICO few thousand dollars. Total disaster. The token issue is delayed and they are little more than fraudsters. Very possible to lose all of that but lesson learned …do very thorough research first. DO NOT SKIP THE REEARCH.

Put a few thousand in Tron, looks good until go through their development status , look at their CEO tweets and realise they are 95% hype and following the market. No product.

Take Tron money and put it into Stellar Lumens as they have a platform and very good pedigree and development community and should grow off being 'decentralised ripple ’

All the time Neo has grown strongly now up 60% in one week.

Its been pretty hectic and a MASSIVE learning curve but being 60% up in one week on solid platforms for 2018 growth is a good feeling. :slight_smile:


Agree with your strategy of Stellar and Neo.
Neo for the reasons already discussed and Stellar because of excellent presentation, team, advisors, investors etc. Look at all those ‘anchors’ signed up to use/try Lumens for their financial services.

Would seem advantageous if down the line next few years they can link XRP and XLM directly to currency/bank and be done with Bitcoin and mining and the lot. Seems a messy intermediate step doing everything through Bitcoin. But now Bitcoin is even more legit with CME trading and Nasdaq later this year.

Problem is cashing out and not just being paper virtual rich. Which is the great irony isn’t it, all these genius Bitcoin gurus boasting about their millions…yeah millions in US dollars!


Jeez Stellar is up almost 50% in 24 hours, XRP and Tron and ADA also shot up about same.

Stellar has some justification, look into

This honestly worries me as Tron is real pump and dump fakeware. The real newbs are being taken in.

ADA doesn’t even have a working product or one ICO yet also up 100s % last week or so.


It’s fascinating times we live in. Keep your wits about you and I’m sure you’ll make a killing. You’re doing it the smart way putting your money into teams that actually have something concrete with use cases and real ability to tap into massive markets. Well done on the fast acting and shifting things around in only a week or two that takes balls and courage I’d say.

There is definitely some great stuff out there, sort of like an upgrade of database and payment s…AppStore, YouTube, Google AdWords etc the way people can get paid online…and many more applications not in existence yet.

After the 90% of bullshit out there gets sorted out in the rubble to come, the whole thing will emerge (is already emerging) and you’ll be plugged in with the knowledge. The hardest part with this crypto mania is getting in! The rest is just research and holding on for the ride.

Got to laugh at all the tricks being used: stock price graphs in linear and log…1 year wide stretched out charts to even out the straight line up…creating premined coins in the tens of billions so the coin price is only in fractions of a cent giving the illusion that it’s cheap…and many more

Tron up 100% haha! 10 BILLION market cap for shit…makes the dotcom bubble look like child’s play doesn’t it


There’s going to be a big bust within a year or two its going to be painful for millions of people I see them throwing money at whatever is going up. A lot of ppl from developing countries too who can’t afford to lose money.

Tron is going to bankrupt people for sure.

The other issue is the USD to USDT tether this is really not good. I have to get my coins off those exchanges asap. This really worries me. I have to try and find stuff that will live through a massive crash and come back up higher in the end .

Probably best bet to to cash out of all the fluff and just keep some real fundamental stuff.


Hold to the moon :slight_smile:
It’s been a little tough as rubbish like TRX and ADA get pumped to the stratosphere. The newbs (less than two weeks coiners) like to go for the penny stock stuff. They think it’s cheaper.

And yet Neo is consistently moving up about adding about 5% a day lol. Only in Cryptoland Jan 2018 would people be dissatisfied with that.:laughing:

Most of these ICOs will require Neo for their ICOs.
When they get more Neo they will also need to buy gas to pay the network fees.
So Gas will go up too.
Can’t wait to see the Ontology ICO its going to be massive.

If Chinese were allowed to invest in this it would be already Ethereum pricing I’m telling ya…

Also Neo is not only for China but a worldwide blockchain which will take listings from anywhere as long as approved.

Neo is a very unique organisation.
I have never come across an organisation with a large Chinese input but also many Westerners such as the developers working in the City of Zion governing organisation. There are non profit parts and profit parts that plug into each other in all kinds of ways. Elastos isn’t even listed up there (probably cos they also take BTC for their ICO).
It’s really very interesting and it’s something new.
It was forced to develop this way due to the ICO ban in China.
This will ultimately be a very good thing for Neo as it will have a powerful ability to intersect with East and West.

Look how much Ethereum is worth now. Ethereum and Neo Ecosystem and probably just two or three other ecosystems will end up printing enormous amounts of money for the next decades. Eve Ethereum is still a good investment it’s just a ‘less good’ investment than Neo due to size.

Pull the trigger stick some money in Neo I honestly don’t see anyway it can go down long-term!!

You get some now then reinvest the profits in Ontology or other ICOs on launch.
(Neo itself is due to run out in 22 years but the ecosystem will continue and you would have made your fortune already, the Gas value goes up in price substantially later on).


Got my nano s ledger, time to get the bigger allocation off Bitfinex.
I sunk a few quid into some real longshots .
PRL and XBY.
PRL mines visitors to websites.
If XBY finally get their shit together it could fly. Or not as the case may be.


Blood on the streets with Tron as predicted , Cardano has dropped a fair bit too. Vaporware isn’t a product.


Neo is rising again after an interminable wait of about 3 or 4 days lol.

PRL is a good one it makes coins when you visit a website. Bit dodgy but makes $$$.

ETHlend I think is not a great application but with the coin name brand it might do well.

I am looking at investing in some ICOs related to lending sure to be a very big business (decentralised lending)

QTUM has exploded today and as usual it’s the Koreans up for their old swarm mentality, 70% of the buys are direct from KRW, crazy. Pump and dump.


Dogecoin which the owner says is basically a parody and hasn’t had a software update in 2 years is now at almost 2 billion market cap…

Titcoin and SpankChain have a a very good week. Up 200-300%. Why isn’t the porn industry pioneering with crypto/Blockchain like it did with the early Internet


Is there a better exchange in Taiwan? Or just Maicoin?


It is I’m guessing. Look at oyster pearl my top performer !


Go online, use Wex for instance, they require no identity verification.


Do you have to do a SWIFT transfer for that? If you do your fees will start to approach that of MaiCoin.


Blood on the streets buy buy buy.
ETHlend is already making money looking really cheap (price and market cap) and just listed on Chinese exchange. Only a handful of cryptos are actually making money. The potential for ETHlend is really REALLY massive and it’s not listed on a lot of exchanges yet.

Their website is really shit right now . They will launch the new interface very soon, when that happens and the news gets out that they are already making money. Wow wee.

Its also less than a half dollar per coin which the newbies love! I can see LEND shooting up very rapidly (pump and dump groups may make a big run at it and move it up over night with the small cap) because of the low price, small market cap then notoriety effect. People don’t feel moving from 50 cents to 1 dollar or 2 dollars to 3 dollars is a stretch to invest in. You can get 50 tokens for 50 bucks or 25 bucks people think, cheap! This is my armchair physchology at work.
But we shall see.

Lending is one of the biggest economic activities known to man, decentralised lending by smart contract is a great use case putting up Ethereum or other assets as collateral.

Subscribe to their telegram account and also to eidoo wallet for some free tokens by airdrop!

i’m maxed out in terms of what I can put into crypto unfortunately .

Edit = incredible panic flash crash and huge rush back in as FOMO takes hold. Expect it to go up even faster now!


I still have not used Wex yet but I recommended it because they require no verification and offer the best rates. You will need to contact them.

There is also Exmo who offer great rates.

Yes Swift transfers usually but this is not convenient, for bank cards payments, you have Coin mama or Coinbase, but Coin mama charge 5% fee, and Coinbase has so many customers lately that they suspend all new accounts verification… so try to contact Wex or Exmo to see how you can pay there.


100,000 new accounts created a day according to the exchanges. Binance says they had 250k in one day. I would say the tipping point was Nov/Dec 2017. It’s now phase two, the wider public jumping in.

As they all predicted and told us time and time again over the last 5 years. And each time I poopoo’d it “naaa no way it can’t be it’s all bullshit”…


I cant create an account on Binance, they put a freeze for new users. Is there any other platform I can use in Taiwan? I currently use Maicoin but that only allows me to purchase Bitcoin and Ethereum/Litecoins