Buying Bitcoin in Taiwan


Which APP or website do you use to buy ETHlend…


As I said…Watch out for Pump and Dump.
If you got caught at the top with QTUM would have been very painful.


Binance exchange

I reduced my exposure to ETHlend because I think the development of the interface is slow and put some in Ether as it is going up steadily at moment . However LEND should do quite well over next few months new interface goes up and listed on more exchanges.
I’m still holding about 10% in them.


How many phases were predicted? What are the phases


Guess you haven’t heard of Porncoin.


Question to you knowledgeable guys:

Uncle Bob -US citizen married to the family, FL resident- has been on our case that he needs a friggin utility receipt from the home he keeps in the ol country in order to buy bitcoin. Can somebody explain to me what for -avoid taxes I guess,but does bitcoin have taxes- or something else? Or is it a scam thing symptom?

My mom and I would be much appreciative for any help in this matter.


What is the name of the platform where he wants to buy Bitcoin? It is not unusual to ask for proof of residency. I went through Coinmama the first time and had to provide a document, I think most of the brokers and exchanges ask for ID + document of address.


Thanks. So it is just to make the transaction? Why doesn’t he one of his US addresses? Are there platforms just for foreigners, or US laws have linitations on bitcoin?


Bitoex just had a system problem , don’t use it today.


From what I read here and there, some brokers just do not allow US citizens, not sure why but it seems Americans have more restrictions.
Your friend should not be worried if he can provide any document he has, I just registered to two new platforms today because they got better rates ( ) and I had to upload documents too.


well this sort of stinks, if a bitcoin conference is having trouble…

Bitcoin settlement times, and the fee market associated with transactions, have become a hot topic these days as on-chain fees have risen to $30-60 per transaction. These issues have made it extremely difficult for businesses to operate, and many merchants have stopped accepting bitcoin for services and goods altogether. Just recently the tech giant Microsoft announced temporarily removing the “redeem bitcoin” button from the account services payment option.


Bitoex working again


Bitcoin is an absolute dinosaur and a nightmare to use in reality.
To be honest the Ethereum network is close to non functional at times now too due to loading issues and high tx prices.


Aside from trading these things, have you used them to buy something?
If so, what are the add-on fees? Most news stories say the fees are high and transactions times like molasses.


Don’t be so FUD man



Back in action baby

Personally I don’t hold one cent in BTC but many swear by it.


[quote=“Brianjones, post:113, topic:84522, full:true”]
Bitcoin is an absolute dinosaur and a nightmare to use in reality.[/quote]
LOL. There are exactly three that have any long-term prospects, and the strongest of those is Bitcoin. All the rest are garbage. Bitcoin’s wallet software is no different from any of the others as far as ease of use.

ETH has no point to it. Oh, we’re going to run a distributed computing system over the internet? With performance worse than an ENIAC? And the first game ever run on it brought the whole network to its knees? Sounds great. Hey, don’t forget to lose money on some ICO scams in between breeding virtual cats.

LTC is just BTC with less adoption.

I don’t see whether Zapman ever bought his BCash. I doubt it will last until the end of the year. I don’t know if he noticed, but the attempts by BCash to flood the Bitcoin transaction pool, which drove up transaction costs to $50 back in December, have finally stopped and you can send anything you want on Bitcoin for less than one cent – unless you use one of the scam sites like Bitpay which is still ripping off customers.


Bitcoin’s problem is it is slow and unpredictable and dominated by the mining pools. Any problem Ethereum has Bitcoin has just as bad or worse.


It took me 5 hours to see my BTC transfer from one exchange to another last night !!

Losing money on scams, that’s just the nature of unregulated markets (and regulated one, Goldman Sachs famously played both sides before the credit crisis ).
Bitcoin is cheaper to transact now but for how long? (Txn volume dropped very significantly in the crash)
Both ETH and BTC enjoy massive network advantages.

I’ve used NANO and the experience is mind blowing compared to BTC, practically instantaneous, a true currency coin.

Personally I’m just delighted that the horrific three month crash looks like it’s over., Im in it to make money obviously .


I didn’t buy BCash.