Buying from Aliexpress

I need a part for my laptop that I can’t find on Shopee, Ruten, Pchome or anywhere else in Taiwan. But there’s a few listings on Aliexpress.

Has anyone had any good experiences buying from Aliexpress? How was your shipping time?

The first thing I noticed is they don’t allow Chinese characters in the address field. They also refer to Taiwan as China Taiwan.

What are you looking for in particular? Maybe I can direct you.
Aliexpress is from China, so it’s expected that they will call Taiwan Numba1country a province in name. Jack Ma gotta keep the Presitator happy.

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One of these:

Right now. Shipping with the post office has resorted to some things taking weeks or months or never showing up at all. Courier shipping is reliable but expensive. I have bought from Aliexpress and the experience is good. But. This virus shit has caused a major shipping problem

But I would search the number. 90004972. More results.

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See if these guys have what you need.
Way less iffy than Ali, and free shipping on EVERYTHING (although that means it is a little slow).

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Ruten has the correct part, but it’s in the USA. Would it get here quicker from China or USA?

That’s a good question. Coronavirus has made everything nuts. One of the fans I bought never arrived from China and I ordered it in April. It’s been hit or miss.

Stuff from family in Canada have not arrived either. Also sent in April.

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Just buy from Taobao. More choice. With Ali express you are paying a premium for listings in English

I never had problems with Taobao, but sometimes stuff in Aliexpress is shipped via a third country (like SG or VN) because China has really weird regulations. Whereas most carriers have common sense prohibitions like no explosives or whatever, China takes it a step further:

All liquid, whether it’s water, gasoline, whipped cream, shaving cream liquid soap, is PROHIBITED from shipping at all.
All powder, whether it’s gunpowder or oatmeal, is PROHIBITED.
Anything containing battery, like laptops is PROHIBITED.
there are more. But sometimes Aliexpress ships those from third countries to get around that.

The problem with taobao is they don’t always know and thus it ends up getting rejected by the shipping agent.

I can’t find the part on Taobao.

Taobao Taiwan or Taobao China? They are seperate apps

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You are less likely to get stuff rejected if you use air delivery. On Dcard Taobao forum, they recommend using private 集運 like Shipbao for stuff that might get rejected

What is shipbao? I think I used 4PX or something.

Actually I had stuff rejected by air all the time, by sea it’s less likely to get rejected though it takes longer.

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Shipbao is a third party company. There are a few. You set your address as their warehouse and they bundle together orders


Is that on the Taobao China site?

Yes. Just scan the qr code

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So does shipbao have different rules? I looked at their rules and it’s the same as any other Taobao agents. Or do they have more lenient interpretation of the rules?

It’s some stuff that’s liquid I’d like to buy from Taobao (like inks) and no courier in China will take anything liquid. You can’t do stuff like freeze it either.

na, but they say on Dcard the third parties are better at getting stuff through.

how so? Like could I order T shirt ink from Taobao and they would be able to get it through?