Bye bye wife (2012-2022), bye bye Taiwan (2015-2022) - it feels awful Oki

You are a nice guy Juno and for SURE you will find another partner and another wife. Keep optimistic , learning and applying for jobs . I advise you to try and work and study with others and not remotely , this will help ypu know more people.

I also have worked remotely for many years, I was only fortunate that I studied Chinese early on in a uni in Taiwan. Socially remote working isn’t great unless you are in Bali or something. :grinning::smiley:

Taiwan is NOT easy for foreigners, chinese and the legal system and some racists like that doc. You did ok. Dont beat yourself up.


Sorry to hear what you are going through. That’s pretty rough.

In the mean time, you should try to focus on improving yourself, and get to a place in terms of career and lifestyle that makes you feel fulfilled. If you want to achieve that in Taiwan, then by all means work towards it.

It’s not going to be easy, but it is the only way to honor the times you’ve spent together.


There is an old French saying (my family lives in Dordogne) that French women choose a fromagier more discerningly than a lover. In Taiwan, there are plenty of fish. I would go back and enjoy.


Probably because of the larger average penis size.


I guess she just made that statement of the doctor up…

But learning Chinese you rather have to blame on yourself. Living together with her, 3-4 hours per day of learning yourself to listen and talk should be enough to get conversational within 1 year - like B1 level - in it and able to pick up from there quite easily.

I still find its way easier to date with Chinese girls or Taiwanese abroad than Taiwanese in Taiwan… however I would not accept a girlfriend which isn’t well educated and ambitious in her job/career. And finding those girls is way easier abroad as they usually leave Taiwan.



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White hair?

I can’t really give you advice, because I’m most likely a rube compared to you, but to borrow a phrase from John F. Kennedy, lemme just say this about that:

You’re educated, bilingual, and you’ve been studying a difficult third language (difficult because it’s from a totally different language family). Your prior work wasn’t just remote, it was, like, epi-remote, or maybe meta-remote, and, I’m guessing it was also work of a complex, arcane, and sophisticated character. And simultaneously, for ten years you maintained a cross-cultural marriage.

There’s an old maxim that goes something like, “Things that are necessarily true should never be mentioned except when necessary.”

So I think it’s necessary to mention that I don’t think most kids can do any one of those things, much less juggle them, as you did.

I’m 68, and I can’t think of any time in my life when I would have had the maturity to attempt what you described.

And it appears that you’ve engaged in a self-critique and made a genuine effort to think about the other person’s situation, which is a definite sign of maturity.


Is time to move on. Get a normal job in France, get qualified. France is very welfare supported state, no need to do undertable weird jobs.

Sometimes in life door has to be closed, so can open new doors.


Could easily be.


No, the doctor’s jealous xenophobia

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This is a mint achievement, you can be proud of that and the good years you had together!

Don’t forget, this makes you automatically attractive to most humans :smiley:


well written Charlie :clap: :ok_hand:


No one else feeling that the story is a little bit too generic to be true? Maybe am starting to get paranoid, but I remember that there have been threads like this before.

@junoreactor, give me a good reason to believe that this is a true story and not totally made up, will you?
S’il vous plaît!

Juno has been around a while, he’s legit. And his story isn’t that unusual here at all.


He can get an apex, right?

That’s not very nice.

I dunno… I try to avoid EA stuff. They’re like a bad wife.

Aprc, ha ha.

I don’t understand why he can’t come back to Taiwan.


Respect for keeping the post.

I don’t know his whole story though, if @junoreactor wants to divulge some details then I can give a better answer. It’s also possible he switched ARCs between marriage and work, resetting his time so…

Need to know more. It’s likely though.