Bye bye wife (2012-2022), bye bye Taiwan (2015-2022) - it feels awful Oki

He said he doesn’t like living in France.


France is a big country with a lot of options (for native at least). Is a problem with OP Mindset. He gets qualified, work at home few years first and than look for jobs abroad.
This is the easiest path

I’m sure he’s well acquainted with his own country.

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Is a lot of those girls and you will have upper hand in dating world. Even dating 10 years younger chicks. Lose a bit of weight, train and find passion. You already speak a bit of Mandarin. Know Asia. Really you have upper hand OP

Thanks for all the replies, can’t reply to all.
I haven’t actually thought about still going back to Taiwan using my ARC since we are still married. To be honest, that would feel very difficult since literally everything there would remind me of times with my wife. But perhaps in a few months I will feel differently so thanks for the advice.


I’ll tell you when I quit lol


thanks for the compliment i’ll take it :slight_smile:

getting paid in Bitcoin and converting immediately to euros, as I can have a residency address in France I ordered a Visa card that I received in France, parents shipped it, then I would withdraw in Taiwan, so it worked like that mostly, wasn’t always paid in Btc but been the case mostly since 2020.


Reminds me of my ex gf. She loves me a lot in the begining when I just came to Taiwan as a student. Then slowly told me she wants a breakup because she feels like she is a mommy always figuring stuff for me and have to take care of me. And she would tell me there is no way anyone would give a job to me as a non native not knowing Chinese

So she broke up. Now. She is in unhappy marriage and I have a good job as an engineer and my own place and I get by myself pretty fine. And oh yes. I don’t speak Chinese

Let me tell u. Karma always works.


Didn’t you say you approached her at the exit of a supermarket? Very proactive and determined.
Compare that guy with the dependent accommodated one that she had by her side in the past few years.
See the difference?
As @Charlie_Jack pointed out, you are a talented guy for sure. You just got too accommodated with your life and probably lost what attracted your wife in the first place.
But that doesn’t mean you can’t get it back!
Remember what made you heart pump when you guys met and find that determination you lost.
It’s not the end if you don’t want it to be.


Yeah big difference, 2010 feels a long time ago.

Just my first reaction, like I said, maybe I am getting paranoid. Didn’t want to be not nice.


I wasn’t aware, my apologies, carry on. :smiling_face:



There are better women in Taiwan and I am afraid your ex will soon realize grass is darker on another side. You want to have a women which appreciate you and want to be part of your life. This why you have date a lot, more girls at the same time to filter them. A lot of girls are spoiled but there a few who would kill for loyal and stable guy. You always had a job, above average pay in Tainan. Moved across the world for her. There are girls which respect this.


Things probably got a bit boring, and his career options were limited there in Taiwan. Kids ever mentioned ? Kids are the impetus for relationships to push forward sometimes…or sideways.

Anyway, this could end up working out well for JUNO too. He should go to Malta and work almost tax free over there with the betting companies.

Or try something totally new.


well - there simply aren’t that many girls in Taiwan I’m interested in - most of them live abroad. But yeah - my demands are a bit different to just looking good. I want my girlfriend to be sportive (as in no problem to do a 1500-2000m altitude ± hike a day, or cycle 100km in half a day), know about worldwide economics and politics, be well educated (though I don’t care about titles). You kinda are lost in Taiwan then - sportive girls are super rare. It’s super easy in big cities in Europe or US however (or also Beijing/Shanghai) if you speak Chinese fluently and also fulfill above criteria yourself.

I don’t want a girlfriend that I finance her life because I don’t want my girlfriend to feel dependent on me. Neither do I want a superrich girlfriend (e.g. had a date in China with a girl picking me up in her helicopter, flying out to a weekend party of Chinas elite and similar - no thanks as well) and feel dependent on my girlfriends money to live at her lifestyle. I always think it should be somehow similar. So yeah a girlfriend should be able to qualify for taiwan gold card or similar too. It’s much easier in Europe - I just make friends with some Chinese and they love matchmaking. Probably much better in Taipei over Taichung - but I don’t want to live in Taipei - quality of life there is much lower for me vs Taichung.

Wow! So women marrying locally and living with the in-laws are a picture of serenity then.


At the same time, welcome to the real world. Relationships of all forms have a tendency to fizzle out eventually. Headspace (the mediation app) just launched a new podcast about accepting that some relationships need to be put in the past so you can move on and live your life now. If one person in the relationship tells the other to leave the country because that’s the amount of space they need, then officially breaks up over email, is that a relationship you want to salvage?! Breaking up hurts, physically, especially when you thought you’d spend the rest of your life with the other, but how much energy should someone put into saving a relationship that doesn’t want to be saved?

Bullshit. Not illegal.

If you’ve lived in Taiwan for at least 183 days per year for the past 5 years, you can apply for an APRC, get it, then divorce. You can keep your online job, stay in Taiwan and do whatever you like.


Good luck guy. If you still hope to stay together…you can try to have a heart-to-heart talk with her in person in Taiwan. See if any chance to salvage your marriage. Best to walk away after knowing clearly you tried your best.
At the same time, people change…people develop new expectations, new hopes. Not everyone is clear what they want upon entering marriage. My Taiwanese wife was 35 when we married and did not have lofty expectations except to be loved and happy. Not everyone has such low expectations…ha. If she resents me for all of the local stuff she has to do (due to my lousy Chinese) she hides it well. ha. To me this is all a give and take. I have taught her what I know…and she has taught me what she knows. I try to keep a balance about what I contribute to the relationship…which I think she appreciates.

Well, but most importantly keep in mind that many marriages have major problems. Sometimes is one person’s fault, sometimes both are at fault…and sometimes no one in particular caused the rift which was going to happen naturally. Don’t be afraid to love again and you will a chance to find your way to happiness. Wow…don’t I sound like the marriage/love guru?