Cafe in Xinying, Tainan that I Think Women Might Like

漫步日光 - Google Maps

Wondeful cafe, in a small town in Northern Tainan area. (I saw one guy out 20+ customers when I was there, most other were females in 20’s). Great scones and coffee drinks and tea. Nice place to chat and talk, nice place in small town. There is a starbucks nearby but different modern feel.

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Goodbye Tinder! Hello cafe!





So I don’t know what to tell you
If I try to confess my love for
I just wanna say something real quick, please shh, listen
I love
These scones

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Didn’t I post something here?

Xinying! Thanks!

Just there 2 days ago and pass through every couple weeks.

I can’t find much to do there daytime besides sit in Starbucks that is always super-crowded or go up and down the bike path through town.

Haven’t even really found any good places to eat.


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Try here, light food and cake 台南新營 三一宅 藝空間 | 到日式木造老建築裡品茶/享甜點,豹紋千層蛋糕

humm, did not think of it as replacement for Tinder, just a hangout for girls. Do you use other Taiwan cafes like that.

No. It was a joke. :rofl:

It doesn’t seem that there is a rule that only girls can go.

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After this post, not anymore.
Next find, pm me and keep quiet!

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Maybe it’s here.

三一宅/藝空間 (無預約訂位、無提供正餐)


Yes, anyone can go and maybe make a new friend too

haha, no need keep this quiet as I think few visit this city. (I am surprised there are others here that have been there seems more than one). You will also have post your fav cafes.

Seems I saw something like two people meet and become romantic. Guy wants to learn Chinese from the girl at this cafe, and later I saw at Station them 接吻. It is like a real life TV show haha.

Also there is cafe like this just to learn language and meet people in Kaohsiung near the centre Station on 中山 Sun Yat-sen road.

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From the sweet girl at another cafe


And how is the coffee? Because that’s what I am interested about when I go to a coffee shop.

For good coffee, although a bit expensive, in Tainan I suggest 慢咖啡 慢咖啡 - Home | Facebook

Kenya AA is my favorite but they have a lot of different kinds.

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Still in Tainan, Kadoya on Shulin Str is very popular, but the coffee is nothing special. Also if you are 2 people, you cannot go there and just order 2 coffees, I think they require you to spend 200 NTD 以上
Japanese style. The place is always full.

Thank You for the suggestion!