California ... a failed state

Why is the US making all this fuss about Greece and other EU countries when in their own back yard states are failing?

California has some of the richest people in world living there … why not get the money from them?
California has a population of roughly 36,961,664
California has more commercial/hi-tech industries than Greece

Greece has about 11,283,293
Greece has no industry to speak of, only tourism

Thingy is people trust a might central US government will take care of things even if a state breaks down whereas in the EU there is no central government. Not my logic, just saying.

And the California banks still pay their dues because they are part of a federal system while for the Greek banks that is not so clear and the system is somewhat being built up with lots of talking and more talking and not that much action.

Here is an amazing read on the situation in California, written by the author of The Big Short, Moneyball, and The Blind Side. His stuff is at least on par with Gene Weingarten … is-201111#

Not a fair or valid comparison.

Strictly as a former California resident, not having researched the issue but having lived through it, the problem is how easy the Proposition process is. It’s too easy for the public to get propositions on the ballot that require the State to spend money on something, while at the same time getting other Propositions on the ballot that prohibit them from raising the money to pay for it.

That’s something Americans don’t understand … raising taxes! Why? Because any government needs money for public works … building bridges, paying wages, fixing roads, public and cultural centers … social works.

Not all Americans can live and fulfill the ‘American Dream’ … so, there will always be people that need help, but hey … wealthy people rather ‘donate’ instead of paying taxes … why? Donations can be tax reductions! :eh: :ponder: Go figure … Oh and donating makes people look good … :doh:

Taxes need to paid, fair taxes. And if needed they need to be raised.

I’ve read the whole story … just amazing stupid behavior and laws, regulations! :noway:

They sign pledges when they go for election there, no tax increases.
So how’s all that going for y’all over there, Greek salad on the menu?

I’m an American, and I’m not making a fuss about Greece et al. But then, I may not comport with your idea of an American, since I don’t even own a compass, much less carry one around.

I’d be willing to bet there are lots of countries in the world that would love to be failed states à la California, and lots of people who’d love to live in that failed state. Even with all its extremes, flaws, and foibles, it’s still one of the wonders of the world–in fact, its faults seem to serve as a foil for its appealing qualities. (By the way, I’m not from California.)

[quote]Swing low, chariot, come down easy,
Taxi to the terminal zone.
Cut your engines, and cool your wings,
And let me make it to the telephone.

Los Angeles, give me Norfolk, Virginia,
Tidewater four-ten-oh-nine,
Tell the folks back home this is the Promised Land calling,
And the po’ boy’s on the line.[/quote]

Hopefully this is a sign of things to come in the US as a whole. Gotta love it when Cali’s Kimberley Ellis tells a VICE reporter that the internal election for Democrat chair was “unfair.” :grin:

I mean, Trump could do some damage, sure. But the sweetest damage by far is that done internally, when the party (hopefully) says things that turn out to do irreversible harm. Not to California, not to the USA, but to the greatest civic cancer growing today, the Democrat party and the Democrat party exclusively. :crossed_fingers:

No matter what, I just hope this is all leading to a return to something approaching sanity.

They’ll be submerged soon from climate change. No worries.

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A more immediate threat is the looming bankruptcy of various US cities and their pension funds. (Imagine no police or fire departments.)

But… they’re already on drugs!

Talk therapy? Lying on the couch while the shrink smokes a pipe?

“Tell me about your mother.” “When I hold up a card. tell me the first thing that comes into your mind.” “And how did that make you feel?”

They really need to stop conflating illegal immigrants and legal immigrants.

California is a shithole state. I know some here disagree, but it is what it is, and what it is is a shithole state.

I’m confused, how did the shooter bring a gun into a gun free zone? Doesn’t he know the law?


Its gotten a lot worse since about 2012 thats what co workers and family tells me about the Los Angeles area. Homeless everywhere now.

L.A. is a great city any way you slice it.

Not many cities on earth that size have no homeless population, and the weather there makes it an obvious destination for them. Also, Regan closed and defunded a lot of the mental health facilities in the state and that contributed a lot to Cali’s homeless problem.

Way too many Homeless now, there’s poop on the streets too. I grew up in L.A. lived there 30 years I know how it is.

Apparently, there was a police checkpoint, but he cut a hole in the fence away from the crowds.