California ... a failed state

Yep, moving from a very expensive location to the Democratic-run liberal city known as “the People’s Republic of Austin”.
It’s high-tech image sometimes conflicts with it’s reputation as “the slacker capital” and the “coolest city in America”.

“People hear the word Texas and they visualise a longhorn skull bleached by the sun, a spiny cactus and miles of sand,” observes my taxi driver, drily. “In Austin that couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s as near to heaven on earth as it gets; only problem we have here in Austin is that we’re surrounded by Texas.” Quite so. Austin, famed for its nightlife, its outdoor graffiti art gallery and regularly dubbed “the drunkest city in the US” is to Texas as Berlin is to Germany, which is to say it proudly, provocatively, perversely bears little resemblance to the rest of the state.


Perhaps reports of an exodus have been somewhat overstated

I think they all moved to Texas.

No houses for sale in my SoCal neighborhood. Of course that is true in many parts of the US.

Time for a Republican governor again?