California ... a failed state

Over the minority of voters…

Recall cost over $270 million, and only about 36% voted for the recall.

I’m not sure I can stomach universities in Taiwan. Compared to UT Austin it just seems… kinda crap.

Let’s not overstate it - while a summer job (without massive ot) won’t cut it everywhere, it does at some schools, even in Cali. You can pay tuition (and fees) for cal poly slo (since that was brought up earlier) at 727 hours at minimum wage in CA, while cal state la would require about 645 hours (so just a bit under full time min wage for 3 months).

Part time students are eligible for federal student loans and grants.

That’s the same most places - you’re either paying per hour part time, or flat rate full time.

$15k of that delta is tuition, not living expenses.

Yet more reasons for enabling online voting.

And the situation is even better for GA residents with decent grades, because of lottery aid.

The top UCs, and even Cal Poly Slo, are also very hard to get into these days. In 2020 UCLA accepted around 12% of applicants.

Advocates of big government fear online voting because there’s too much democracy already and if there’s any more then there goes the neighborhood.

That’s why their response to chronic low voter turnout is to reduce the quantity of democracy rather than improve its quality and give more people a reason to vote.

I think that would just lead to super pandering.

That’s what some people regard as “government of the people, by the people, and for the people.”

Since Donald Trump never achieved 50%, your position is that he never should have been allowed to hold office? Seems a little extreme.

problem with democracy is the 51% can decide to oppress the other 49%.

Here’s an alternate suggestion- the person who gets the most votes should be chosen. Of course, since that would eliminate every Republican’s presidential term in office out of the last seven except George W. Bush’s second term in 2004, I can see why some people dislike the idea of letting the people decide.

Problem is populism isn’t always good… after all that’s what got Trump into office…

Pure democracy can turn into a dictatorship.

Yes, Biden’s vaccine mandate does seem to be taking the country in that direction.

Kind of unrealistic.

Results of recall vs. amount of covid.

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Interesting take on the UC system no longer considering standardized test scores for admission and scholarships.

Aside from low admission rates and high costs, another problem with state schools is getting the classes you need to graduate in 4 years.

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Two pieces of good news from California, following on from the fail of the recall.

California hit the lowest coronavirus case rate in the nation Friday — thanks not only to high vaccination and masking, but also to a state culture that generally embraces public health precautions, experts said.

And this

With a stroke of his pen, Gov. Gavin Newsom has officially ended the over 100-year scourge of single-family-only zoning in California.

Single-family-only zoning laws make it illegal to build anything but a single-family home on a particular lot of land. Now (with small exceptions like for fire-prone areas) it is also legal to build duplexes.

That change was part of a suite of housing production bills Newsom signed into law on Thursday, continuing a years-long trend of California pushing forward as one of the few states attempting to tackle the housing supply crisis.

The author does a good job of assessing the problem with getting rid of scores, but after making fun of the people blaming the tests, she moves to just blame the schools. What she fails to address at any point in the article is the role that family and culture play in school outcomes.