California ... a failed state

Just did a quick image search, and yeah, you made the right choice. :dizzy_face:

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I will back track everything I said. just, please, dont! no one will benefit. hold back, we will respect you greatly for it!

At least have a quick peek at the poop mapโ€ฆ :sweat_smile:

I dont think I like youโ€ฆ :confounded:

As bad as things are in Portland or San Francisco the progress is even worse in Bernie Sanderโ€™s hometown:

Like small businesses dealing with belligerent customers, or retailers locking up detergent, makeup and other items popular with shoplifters, the bike recovery group has found itself on the front lines of a debate about crime and policing that is confounding many American cities. . .

โ€œIt has been traumatizing,โ€ said Ms. Williams, โ€œto watch the city kind of fall apart before your eyes.โ€ . . .

In recent years, a new generation of leaders emerged. Many younger candidates have run for the City Council as members of the Progressive party โ€” and won seats. . . . The Progressives on the Council tend to be left leaning on many issues and often at odds with the cityโ€™s Democratic mayor. And in June 2020, the Progressive members of the Council successfully sponsored a measure that sought to reduce the size of the cityโ€™s police force by about 30 percent. . . .

One morning in June, Ms. Williams awoke to find that one of her bikes had been stolen from outside her downtown condominium. . . .

In the morning, she called the police, eager to share her GPS data and ideas about the thefts. According to Ms. Williams, an officer was willing to retrieve the bike from the park, but that was the extent of it.

As Ms. Williams tagged along, the officer walked up to a group of people standing next to the bike and asked whether it belonged to anyone.

โ€œNope,โ€ one of the people said.

โ€œPerfect,โ€ Ms. Williams remembered the officer saying.

Ms. Williams got the bike back, but the officer said staffing cuts in the department made it difficult to pursue minor crimes like bike theft.

Ms. Williams said the officer โ€œdidnโ€™t have time for any of it.โ€ . . .

The police say making arrests for bike thefts could be challenging. They cite a memo from the local prosecutor which stipulates that, according to Vermont law, in order to effectively prosecute someone the police must prove the person โ€œactually knewโ€ the property was stolen.

City Hardware, across from City Hall Park, now requires customers to check their bags at the front of the store. . .


Isnโ€™t that the staple dad advice?

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - 2010-03-13

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On another note:

That guyโ€™s going to be facing charges I bet.

More likelyโ€ฆthe city just neglects to renew his business license.

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If a 30% cut in police has increased crime, obviously the answer is more cuts in the police force.

Sometimes its hard to understand how these people think.

Thatโ€™s HIS spot!

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I donโ€™t know if this is realistic yet but it seems to be becoming possible?

Iโ€™m hoping the radio weather woman misspoke when she said 80-100 FEET of snow are headed to California.

I blame California and the Sierra Club for micromanaging the environment so poorly that nothing is growing enough to absorb that runoff or hold the soil in place.


Saw that. :+1:

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At least those guys werenโ€™t total ass wipes about breaking into cars and hit them through the windows. :stuck_out_tongue: Iโ€™ve had fucknuts pry open my door by the window frame, pop a screwdriver through my door lock, and slice a convertible top.