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Does anyone know cheap ways of calling Canada from Taipei? When i was there last i called collect and it cost a fortune. IS there like calling cards or any other cheap option.
Any help again would be apprecitated.

Thank You

Now until Aug. 31st you can use 019 from Chung-Hwa Telecom to call Canada for about NT$36 an hour. It’s 2.9 for the first 9 minutes and .19 after the 9th minute. This promotion started the beginning of July. This rate also applies to the USA, Mainland China, Hong Kong and Singapore. You must use 019.

This rate applies from 5pm to 8:00am M-F and all day on Saturday and Sunday.

Call Chung-Hwa for details.

They’ve got calling cards galore at convenience stores. I like using them and not having to see international calls come up on my phone bill. The rates are good to N. America, but aren’t so hot if you are calling Hong Kong.

What is the best card to get if you go to a convenience store? What are the rates on these cards (to the US)? Are there differences in reliability and expiration periods?

Hello all,

Anybody know a cheap way of calling Portugal?

Direct calls through Chungwa telecom have forced me to sell some vital organs to pay my phone bill, and 002 and 005 don’t work. I’ve bought several IC cards from 7-11, and for 200NT I’ve been getting 12 minutes of call time.

Any advice would be welcomed by me, my girlfriend, and my wallet.


Never called Portugal, but try (if you can read that). have also a look here [url]Long distance rates to London, UK?

A friend of mine got a special int. calling card from somewhere with quite good rates… no idea what company it was…

I use iChat/AIM audio conferencing for int. calls… :laughing:

The cheapest I have found for calling Europe is :

Here’s a terrific company I’ve been using for about 4 years, ever since I was in America and calling nationwide and also to Asia. I actually saw the posting in a Chinese supermarket. No connection, no surcharge, no expiration–you just have to recharge at least once every 6 months and the lowest you can recharge is $10. Plus you can check your bill and recharge online.

You can also have it set up to “pinless” by saving your number in profile so it won’t ask for your pin number each time (the pin number is one that’s just your # plus 4 digits anyways, so relatively easy to remember). They have 1-800 numbers in the States and local numbers…in Taiwan there’s also the toll free 080 and ‘local number’ 02 7721 8168

Right now for they have a special deal going – $30 (special $15 rebate) for UNLIMITED America nationwide calls and UNLIMITED calls to Taiwan, excluding cellular phones. For $10 more you add in China and HK.
For your relatives in America:
3.3 cents to Taiwan landlines, 0.029 cents to Taipei. I’m still in the hunt for a cheap call to cells in Taiwan, the best so far is the company which you will have to change long distance companies-- Yestel ( .065 cents per minute but please call them to confirm rates).

and for you guys IN taiwan and wanting to call out, you can sign up at which requires minimal Chinese.
1.36 for TAIPEI to US/Canada, 1.87 NT for TAIWAN to US/Canada
1.7 TAIPEI to HK, 2.21 TAIWAN to Hong Kong house or mobile.

These are landline rates, the cell phone rates (080 numbers) which would mean it’s not charging your cell company, are a more expensive at about + 3.91 NT to US/Canada and 4.25 to HK

Hope this helps. Good luck! Well you could always put my username ( hinagiku ) in referral but it’s not completely necessary…but helpful! :wink:

[quote=“Tom”]What is the best card to get if you go to a convenience store? What are the rates on these cards (to the US)? Are there differences in reliability and expiration periods?[/quote]If you don’t have a landline and want to use the card from a mobile phone, you should check on the back of the card to see whether the freephone number can be used from your phone. I used to use the 007 card but then they made the toll-free number accessible only from land lines, and introduced a regular number in Taipei to use with mobile phones, so you’d pay a lot more. Now I use the 7-11 own-brand card (check to see which countries it covers – there are a couple of different types), or the E-call card. Both these latter ones automatically remember your PIN and if you like you can use a fresh card to top up your ‘account’ under the old PIN if you still have a little credit.

Unfortunately there is no card which is particularly cheap for calling Mongolia, where my brother is at the moment.

speaking of darn cell phone rates… does anyone know if there are payphones that you can answer phones at? im trying out the $30 unlimited calls to TW but cell phones are still too expensive and it’s driving me insane. When I was in China the calling cards had same rates for TW cell and landlines, I believe it was the same for the States a few years back (?) but they changed all that :confused:

forgot to mention you could recharge the Pincity online or set it to automatic when it reaches a certain limit (dangerous for me) and you can use a credit card OR your Taiwan ATM card. They even have a function where you can save your dialed destination number into a code like 00 or 11, 22, etc, and it would dial automatically. Very nice if you use your cell phone and when all your numbers are on it…

using cell it’s 3.91元 NT from TW cell to USA and Canada BTW…
and a whopping 50 NT to Mongolia

In Taiwan, none of the pay phones have bells inside of them, so the only way that you could answer a pay phone would be (1) to find out the phone number of the pay phone, and (2) to know the exact time when your friend would call the pay phone.

Every pay phone in Taiwan really does have a phone number, but most of them are set up so that they don’t show their phone number on Caller ID, so it’s very hard to find out the phone number.

And even if you knew the phone number, you would have to know the exact time when someone would call you because pay phones don’t have bells, so they never ring.

Well, there is an exception to this. One kind of pay phone really does ring. There are little desktop turquoise-colored pay phones that you see in some shops, and these phones really do ring, and it’s easy to find out the phone number because if you ask the shopowner what the phone number is, he/she will usually tell you. These phones only accept 1 NT coins and they cost 2 NT per minute instead of the normal 1 NT per minute because the purpose of these phones is for the shopowner to make money.

This kind of pay phone used to be very popular 10 years ago, but I’ve hardly seen any of them in the last few years, because now almost everyone in Taiwan has a cell phone, and Taiwanese people usually don’t seem to mind paying 6 to 10 NT per minute to use a cell phone rather than paying only 1 or 2 NT per minute to use a pay phone. (Almost every day I see a Taiwanese person standing right in front of a pay phone making a call on their cell phone!)

Hinamoo.I see you know what you are talking about.Do u have any good ideas for calling from South Africa to Taiwan and from Taiwan to South Africa.Thanks

To call South Africa, try this:

  1. Dial 0951-300-888.
  2. Enter 002 + country code + area code + phone number
  3. Hit the “#” key (“pound sign” / “hash key”)

If this works, then you will only be charged 4 NT per minute on your next phone bill if you are using a landline. (Sorry, I’m not sure how much the charge is if you use a cell phone.)

This works for most developed countries, so it should work for South Africa. For the countries that it works, the charge is always 4 NT per minute if you call from a landline, no matter which country and no matter what time of day you call.

I haven’t yet tried it for calling South Africa because I don’t know anyone there, but I’m sure that it works for these countries: Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong, China, USA, Canada, all of Europe, and all of South America.

I found out that it doesn’t work for calling these countries: India, Vietnam, Burma (Myanmar), Cambodia, and Laos.

Also it doesn’t work to call cell phones in any country except Taiwan. (You can use this number to call Taiwan cell phones from a landline for only 4 NT a minute instead of the usual 6 to 8 NT per minute!)

mark, i know those “bubble phones” and yeah I don’t see them that often anymore. they were so cute though werent they? I’ll have to get my boy to test try the public phones, we don’t really mind if we calculate the IMMENSE savings since I already shelled out $30 for “unlimited” (turns out I call my sister for no reason just so i feel like im not wasting money).

rassie: two of my bestest best friends in Taiwan are from South Africa. That’s a great one Mark gave since my friends do have landlines but they have told me it costs them an arm and leg to call home. I’ll ask them again though if their rate can beat the 4NT mark gave.

BTW if you cannot navigate Pincity Taiwan site, if you sign up at the English pincity site, you can still get the good savings, i think it’s just like 1 cent more. To call from: Taipei is 6 cents , Taiwan 7.5, cell 15 cents. The only downside when i first used it it would not recognize TW numbers for pin-less features (which isnt bad since your pin is easy) and if you wanted to use TW ATM recharge I dont believe Pincity English has that option.

But do try at since info it requests are quite basic like name and address, email. You can plug it into worldlingo’s translator as well :slight_smile: good luck!

You could also try an internet service like

This is ‘Voice over IP’ and all you need is a computer with a speaker and mic. It is free, the software is good and the calls are free to other Skype computers.

I think there are also services where you, for example, use the internet to Canada, then the call is made locally to a phone in that country.

Worth checking out. Never used it myself, but I plan to when I arrive on thursday :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

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I have been using an “over the internet” solution now for a couple of years. I the early days it was great, the cost was approx 90% cheaper than using Chung Hwa 002 lines. To phone the UK it costs US$2.40 per hour, so just under 100NT$.

I will be calling Australia frequently. Do any of you know a good way to make cheap international calls? I’ve looked into netphone but all of the options are confusing. I have an old laptop so not sure if it will work. What service do you use to make cheap international calls? Thanks

As mentioned earlier:

I have used pincity for 4 years also and have found it to be the cheapest that I could find.

how do i call england from my cell?

the number is 0044 020 761**
when i call north america i simply press +1 area code number

0044 (drop the first 0) 207 ****

Some service offer cut rates for example I dial

0044 9 207 **** and it’s cheaper.