Campers and Camper Vans Buy/Rent

Hi, I have seen none and was wondering could someone point me in the right direction for buying a campervan or Winnebago ? Thank you

I’ve seen some, but they are pretty rare.

THINK I saw two or three parked up by Anping harbour here in Tainan last week, though I was in a moving car and didn’t get a very good look. Looked to be Delica truck-size, with custom (probably fibreglass) bodywork, including an over-cab. Might have been that Hyundai truck you see here with the extended cab.

Gf said it was a camper-van sales promotion. If they are still around next time I’m there (probably unlikely) I’ll try and find out more.

It occurs to me that this might be a way around the “Trucks are for Taiwanese +/or Tradesmen” rule,though you’d have to buy a purpose-built one.

I’d have thought something the size of a Winnebago (at least the ones I’ve seen) would be a pretty hideous driving experience here, though.

There is a trailer manufacturer in Linkou…About 20feet, air conditioned, with head but not sure about sewage. They are pretty homely, but an option at 750k last time I was quoted on one. Standard tongue with full lighting and brake assist.

Thanks guys, I agree a Winnebago would be a mare to drive, but that is all I have seen here.

Saw this model “Volkswagen California” in Taiwan the other day on the highway. Are they available to purchase in Taiwan or was it specially imported?


They are available in Taiwan. Answered my own question.


Volkswagen California Camper Van Rental, Before tax, insurance, etc.
camper rental: NT$8500/US$275 / 24 hours
weekdays: NT$6800/US$220 / 24 hours
Holiday: NT$8500 / 24 hours


Crazy: Somewhere around US$6500 to US$10,000 per month.

Maybe get 10 people to share for spring scream music festival.

Seems a bit much. How much is it to just buy?

2-3 million NT for a new one.

if you can read chinese you can try perusing:

it is the site to go to for camping in Taiwan. Can reserve camp sites, get food sent to the site to cook, etc.

That’s ridiculous, 64-100k?

That’s Taiwan. Vehicles are really expensive here.

There’s a tiny apartment inside of this truck. I don’t know if it’s for camping or living. I guess could park it on any side street and no one would bother.

I lived in something like that (only bigger) in London around the turn of the century.

Surveillance levels and parking restrictions would probably make this impossible there now.

Here that perhaps wouldn’t yet be as big an issue, but the lack of air conditioning might be unbearable in the summer.

There are a few YouTubers who are big into Delica 4WD conversion into camper vans in Taiwan. I am very interested in this as something I would seriously consider when we move to Taiwan in 4 years - great for weekend trips into the mountains and to the beaches.

Here is a link to what I am talking about:

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At the risk of hijacking this topic, a new hot biz investment in the US is in recreational vehicles and camper vans.

I’m hearing that lots of Americans want to rent for vacation this summer, to avoid cv19. Prices, including rental rates, are going up quickly. Just fyi.

Delica is really popular on East coast and near mountains. Always see a lot of them there. Seems they run forever.

They look fantastic. I plan to do a plain jane camper conversion, with basic power, a good awning, and a bike rack (with maybe a surf board rack if my son, wfe and I learn how). Almost 4 years to the day we will be in process to move … Fingers crossed!!!

Looks like this can be done even with a Toyota Sienta!

Or a scooter. Pretty sure this woman is living in hers.