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Good day all,

I have created a blog CAMPING IN TAIWAN.

I like to use this thread to discuss Taiwan camping sites. I am trying to get as many campsites identified and pin point them with Google Map.

I have visited and reviewed a few sites but I can’t review them all. I hope those who had visited the campsite could share their thoughts so that others might use these information in future.

You could either post it here or send me mail via Camping in Taiwan blog and I will blog it.

Kindly provide information as follows;

  1. Name of Camp Area
  2. Address and Tel if possible
  3. Last date visited
  4. Location by Google Map or GPS (My Current Google Map)
  5. Write a short review, fee etc and if possible attach photos. You dun have to include the routes as it will indicate in Google Map
  6. Rate the campsite (1 poor ~ 5 best)
  7. Your name or email if you want to. (others might want more info)

You can write wilderness camp area such as mountain hiking where you have camp. I will include that in the blog.

Happy Camping
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Great idea! Do visit out forum! :slight_smile:

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Check out this thread:

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last 2 weeks I visited a few campsites in Chiayi, Pingtung and Kaohsiung County. Will put up some photos and reviews next week after my kids school holidays.

Was planning to head up BeidawuShan but the weather was really rotten.

[was sure there was a bigger camping thread, but here goes]

We camped at Xiaoyeliu 小野柳 last night, just north of Taidong on the coast (#11, 162km). There’s about 80 wooden platforms, a mixture of uncovered and covered (V shape). Thankfully, there were no strip lights in the covered platforms, so you either had to rig your own, or use torches.

Cost was $500 for a V-shape, maybe less for the uncovered.

But what blew me away were the showers and washrooms - they wouldn’t have been out of place in a nice 4-star hotel. Clean (no, make that sparklingly clean), great fittings, loads of hot water. Best I’ve seen in any campsite for some time.

Good to hear. I think that place was closed for a while which was a shame as the location is stellar.

It’s about time that Xiaoyeliu is open. It was closed for construction both times (4/11 and 8/11) I tried to camp there.

Does anyone know of any campsites in the Ruifeng/Ruili/Ruitai area in Jaiyi county? I was there a few months ago and it looks like they have a lot of great hiking/waterfalls. If not I’ll stop at one of the visitor centers and ask.

Every time I go camping, I’m amazed by the setups of Taiwanese. Huge tents and sunshades, more lights than a 70’s discotheque, food to survive an apocalypse, electric appliances…

Then, they move all of that to a different camping after one or two nights.

I’d had a hard time trying to justify to myself carrying all that stuff for 3 weeks in the same camping. I just can’t even comprehend how moving it every day can be the idea of holiday to anyone.


Have you seen the air conditioned living room tent with projector and movie screen?

I like their faces when I roll up on my motorcycle with my minimalist setup :sunglasses:


I did!

They are a combination of what we call in Spain fijos (fixers, people who spent the whole summer or month in the same camping, usually the same camping every year) and domingueros (Sunday tourists, urbanites who go to the countryside on the weekend to annoy everyone one else).


In Canada I went backcountry. No roads, no tourists. In Taiwan, I don’t have the skills, if it is even possible, but I try not to go on weekends or holidays


Hey Guys. I have this dream of mine to go traveling around Taiwan on my motorbike. I don’t have much money to stay in hostels. Do you think it’s doable to sleep at the tent somewhere in random places in the countryside or parks? Is it illegal? I know there are some camping grounds but I think they are even more expensive than hostels? I’m planing to check in the hostel every once in a while, though.
If anyone have experience please let me know. Thank you.

Campsites I have been to range from 200NT per night to 1000NT

Tomorrow I plan to go to one that is 400NT per night. How much is a hostel per night?

It probably isn’t legal but you probably wouldn’t be given too much trouble if you are discreet

There is at least one legal free campsite, not sure where you could find a list of similar places


This Korean cycled recently around Taiwan, camping wherever she felt safe to do it. Not sure about the legal aspects.


You have legals places where you can camp for free and have toilet and some even shower. I will updated later with the information.
Then wild camping is common too


Thank you so much. Please do update

This is what they pass me:


the last tab are free campsite.

Then this 2 too 台北有貴子坑露營場、碧山露營場 但是要上網申請

I also find this blog naming some:

and googling 免費露營地

For wild camping I think is more on Facebook groups


Thank you so much!