Can a naturalized citizen marry a foreigner?

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Need some advice on this if anyone has been in this situation.

We separated 2 years ago while my naturalization application was in the process. It has been almost a year since we divorced. During this time, I met a woman who’s a foreign student. We have been dating each other for almost a year. Now that my one year waiting period is going to be over soon, we are thinking of getting married. But, as my citizenship was based on JFRC, I’m afraid this would be considered an immoral act or something in the eyes of the law and my citizenship will be revoked.


Citizenships can’t be revoked as far as I know. Only given up by you in some cases.

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ROC citizenship can be revoked if the marriage is considered fake and they do have an option regarding a person whose morals are not up to standards, which is a very grey area. They have 7 years to take it back.

So unless the lass is pregnant I’d put off marrying a year or two, just to be safe, for starters.

But what can be immoral about him marrying a person? Unless it’s fake of course.

The law is grey enough that his previous partner or any busybody can argue that he married for nationality or something else.

They enjoy keeping foreigners on a short chain.

Better wait.

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it is 5 years except for fake marriage, which is forever.


I stand corrected. In theory, they have 5 years to scrutinize your antecedents and see if anything is fake. Or if you slip up.

If your divorce wasn’t an issue, why would remarriage be?


The tw govt is not a single entity and the right arm does something that the left arm may disapprove later

Getting divorced in Taiwan now can take less than five minutes

However if the ex wife wants to cause trouble she could probably cause him a lot of trouble claiming their former marriage was a sham


US Govt in contrast allows even a green card holder to keep their green card after divorce

Doesn’t even have to be a permanent green card if spousal abuse can be proven

Otherwise better if a permanent green card was obtained first


Just to clarify.

Are you a citizen? You have local style ID?

It’s a free human world!

You can marry or divorce anyone you want!

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if you don’t care about legality.

Marry or divorce in other jurisdictions???

Some marriages are criminal and some are not recognized in Taiwanese legal system.

Thanks man

Thank you for your response,

Our marriage wasn’t fake one. We spent more than 6 years together (with 2 divorces in first few years until we realized that it was so silly of us). Although I am pretty sure that there won’t be any problem from her side as our divorce went quite smooth. The only thing that bug me is that I might infuriate MOI with it and in order to punish me for that, it can come up with some abrupt reasons to revoke my citizenship. I just want to take all the precautions because I heard about a case in 2015 where a Vietnamese woman was stripped of her citizenship for marrying her Vietnamese boyfriend right after she acquired her Taiwanese ID. So, would it be better to take some help from a lawyer?

My application for citizenship was approved last year. As per law, one becomes a citizen from the day it is approved. I will be applying for my Taiwanese ID soon.

Here is an abstract from a research project report by MOI. It reports that there was an increase in the number of chain immigration cases.

"Abstract- Keywords: Nationality Law, foreign spouse, naturalization, chain immigration, marriage, divorce.

In the face of impacts coming along with domestic population aging and low birthrate, “birth” is not the only solution any longer. In virtue of immigration, we can supplement workforce while postponing the population aging. Furthermore, the “chain immigration” is commonly found in international society. Both sham marriage and real marriage are important factors of transnational matrimony for influencing social development.
By centering on the naturalization of countrymen without Taiwan nationality or stateless persons who get married with Taiwanese, the government shall take the following factors as references for formulating guidance policy regarding population and transnational marriage: the divorce rate after naturalization, time series of marriage and divorce after naturalization, the number of people who get married with their original fellowmen (foreigners or natives) after divorce and so on.
We studied the marriage status of foreign spouses after naturalization during the period from 2008 to 2016 in this paper. According to the statistical result, the number of foreign spouses from Vietnam accounted for a maximum ratio of 78%. After naturalization, about one in four persons got divorced. This ratio was obviously higher than the roughly estimated divorce rate of countrymen (14%, the ratio of the number of divorced people against the total amount of the number of married persons plus that of divorced people). Based on the data of time series, the divorce rate within one year after naturalization reduced from 1.76% in 2008 to 1.59% in 2016, and also reduced from 8.08% in 2008 to 3.82% in 2015 within 1-2 years.


It revealed that the intensive guidance policy of foreign spouses marriage in recent years had gradually give play to functions and the divorce rate had tended to decline. Besides, people after naturalization can obtain their identification cards after residing for one year at the soonest. Among Divorced people, those who stayed for “over 1 year and less than 2 years” accounted for about 32%, and the divorce rate of people with Cambodian nationality accounted for the highest proportion of 33%. As to people who get divorced after naturalization and people who get married with their original fellowmen (or foreigners) after divorce, Vietnamese accounted for the highest proportion. Furthermore, with respect to female foreign spouses after naturalization, those who get married with foreigners within 3 years after divorce accounted for nearly 70%. It showed that after naturalization, the situation that foreign spouses getting married with foreigners after divorce still existed every now and then in short term.

The aforesaid cases can all serve as reference for foreign spouses’ application of naturalization, as well as the life guidance policy concerning them. For the guidance policy of foreign spouses marriage had taken effect, the paper finally suggested that the immigration unit shall persistently drive the life guidance policy of foreign spouses and occasionally enhance inspections during the residence period of foreign spouses. Moreover, the household registration unit shall continuously reinforce the investigation of real parts of marriages in
the naturalization cases so as to prevent the phenomenon of sham marriage."

If the authorities have any doubts about my marriages, I’m fine with any investigation. I’m just worried what if they are not honest and come up with some unjustified reasons to deport me.

I am a little confused. If you become a citizen here you should have had to give your previous citizenships. How can they deport you? And with no other citizenship or passport, where would they send you?

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I have given up my original citizenship. But even after gaining citizenship I still don’t have all the rights that an ROC national does. So by “deport me” I am just thinking of the worst scenario for myself.

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