Can an opinion be wrong?



It’s true. An opinion is an opinion. I think blue is a pretty color. You might find it ugly. Neither of us are wrong.

Some people think skin color is an important determiner of character, I think they are wrong.

A woman’s place is in the kitchen, but the best chefs are always men.

Kidnapping and eating children is morally acceptable if it is done with respect and for religious reasons

Justin Beiber is the greatest musical genius of our time. No, of all time!

That would be an accusation, or claim, of fact (and a wrong one, as already proven), not an opinion.

Well, I’m of the opinion it is an opinion, and

You’re making another claim of fact in this case. Simply calling it an opinion does not make it so.

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It can be true that you think women belong in the kitchen, but that doesn’t make it factually valid or morally acceptable. Hence, your opinion is wrong.

Er, for example

Opinions are subjective, and thus can’t be wrong. Accusations or claims of fact, on the other hand, can be wrong.

So what is an opinion, and what is a claim? Well, that depends on context, and how you phrase it.

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It is gonna be subjective. Perhaps i can’t use facts or logic to irrefutably prove that your opinion is wrong, but that doesn’t mean it is right.

I never said opinions are right. I only said there are no wrong opinions.

Opinions are opinions. They cannot be right nor wrong, because there is nothing to be right or wrong about. On the other hand, the content of someone’s “opinion” if they are making a specific claim of fact, could be true or false. But in that case, it’s not just an opinion anymore. It’s a claim.

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I think I’m done with the semantic argument, my point had been made

You started it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, thats your opinion

But the fact is, I have real work to do


I know you said you’re done, but I will just add one more example, as I just re-read my previous posts and realized they weren’t very clear, and probably just got more confusing.

Tempogain had previously called the attacker a “loonie”. That is an example of an opinion. i.e. he thinks the attacker is a loonie, and he is neither right nor wrong to think that. That’s what I meant by “there are no wrong opinions”. Whether the guy is actually a lunatic, on the other hand, can be up for debate.

On the other hand, if he had said “lab results show that the attacker is suffering from lunacy” then that would be a specific claim of fact, which can be true or false, and can be considered slander if proven to be false.


You just want a white woman who cooks you babies, I get it :smirk:

And sing Justin Beiber songs to you

I know this is a joke, and a reference to one of your previous comments, but still, this is not the kind of post I would expect from a moderator.


Examples, to be specific

We’re allowed to make jokes, too!


Sure. It was just a little distasteful.

In my opinion.

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That’s green, imo, not blue.

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