Can I earn my masters in English in Taiwan?

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I am an English major who gaduated in 2022 Can I earn my masters in English , in Taiwan?

English what?

Surely the English language? Though maybe I missed the question of English as a subject, or taught in English.

Are there many Master’s courses in English specifically as a language, anywhere?

Applied Linguistics, English Literature etc.

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Further details are required.

In general, a foreign national student (as defined by Taiwan) with a BA (recognized by Taiwan) can earn a masters degree in the field of English in Taiwan. Here is one such program at National Donghwa University>

For international admissions see

The PDF Guidelines indicate that there are enough classes taught in English to complete the degree. This does not mean that the program is entirely taught in English. YMMV.

If you are not seeking a degree in English language and literature, there are many other MA programs in Taiwan that are open to international students. Many are taught in English.

You should be aware that Taiwanese MA generally (always?) require two years of coursework and a thesis. Many Taiwanese students take 3-4 years to finish these degrees although there are social reasons for this.