Has anyone ever transferred to a Taiwanese University?

I am in my first year of a Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Science. I’m not from the US and can’t afford a degree in the US.
I have always wanted to go to Taiwan and I’m already 23 so I have been looking into completing my degree in Taiwan.
Having spoken to many of the University Admissions Offices, admission to an undergrad programme is based on highschool transcripts, even if you have an associate’s degree.
Transferring credits is up to your department.
Has anyone here ever transferred to a Taiwanese university or gone to undergrad after having already gotten an associate’s?
Did you finish in 2-3 years or did you have to start all over again?
Any advice you can give?

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I won’t say it’s impossible, as I don’t know the answer to that question. But I will say I have never heard of transfering credits internationally into a university degree in Taiwan. The only exceptions would be for institutions that already have signed some kind of joint agreement (and this is relatively rare).

In short, if you want a degree in Taiwan, I suspect you’ll have to start at the floor, from first year.



Don’t do it. Taiwanese degrees are worthless ultimately

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It’s certainly possible to transfer credits from a foreign university to a Taiwanese university. I’ve had to deal with this on several occasions, where I had to confirm whether or not the syllabus for the course that the student was attempting to get credit for fit with the content and objectives of the course offered by our department. Therefore, credits can be transferred and accepted based on professors’ determination of whether or not they fulfill the expectations of the course, track, or module.

At the same time, sometimes credit is awarded for courses that are not offered by the university but that are considered to be relevant and suitable, although this is much more rare. This is more common when dealing with programs within Taiwan for example. When I was studying my PhD in Taiwan I was able to get credits from another university since my university was unable to offer some courses, but they were considered to be appropriate for my program and counted towards some elective credits.

Needless to say, there’s a lot of paperwork involved. You would have to have copies of the syllabi of all the courses that you wish to transfer, and complete some forms based on your research into the credits or courses offered by the university you want to transfer to. This is apart from the whole issue of whether or not a university will accept you, however, based on my experience most universities are happy to enroll new students regardless of Chinese language proficiency.


Do you have proof to back that up? Or is that just a blanket statement of fearmongering?


The accreditation in Taiwan is largely unrecognized in any first world country

Do you have proof?

Otherwise it’s just fearmongering.

on top of things if OP is trying to pursue a degree other than international business which will be “english taught” it will also take him a good 2 to 4 years to learn enough mandarin to even be able to take normal classes that arent under the english taught program. so thats tons of time wasted already.

If op is a native english speaker he already will prob have better english ability than his “english taught” taiwanese professors and all in all its a terrible return on investnment and largely a huge waste of time and money for a business degree that wont really hold weight anywhere else.

wdym proof? the nature of it is proof enough.

also taiwanese schools are super annoying when it comes to transffering credits even from other schools in taiwan

heres proof from a famous youtuber in taiwan xiaofei 二十年一刻!大學文憑終於到手之不專業畢業指南 - YouTube explaining how annoying the process was and how they fucked him on transfer credits from another school IN TAIWAN.


No it isn’t. It’s fearmongering something that isn’t true. If it’s so true, back up your statements.

Weren’t you looking to study and move here?

OP might have their own reasons for picking Taiwan, but to say the degrees are useless while many Taiwanese move overseas and find work perfectly fine suggests to me that it’s not useless.

What’s wrong with learning Chinese? It’s a perfectly good skill.

That’s not proof, that’s an anecdote completely unrelated to what you are saying. Prove that it’s not recognised anywhere in other developed countries. Otherwise it’s bullshit. Onus is on you.


ok here https://www.mastersportal.com/ranking-country/136/taiwan.html the top 25 ranking colleges in taiwan are still a fucking joke compared to the rest of the world.

Far from useless.


NTU which is the end all be all school in taiwan LIKE THE BEST one is ranked 184 in the world.
doesnt stand well…

most countries dont even recognize taiwan as a country, they wont your degree either.

Again, you’re just sayin stuff without backing it up.

NTU is AACSB accredited. Same with NTNU.


huh? I literally backed it up with the college ranking?

Yeah, you proved yourself wrong. It’s not useless as you claimed.

My school was ranked past 1000… Hasn’t hindered me.

181 is really good.

prove it

Why need a way to flag blatant misinformation here


You’re the one making the claims and then proved yourself wrong.

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NTU is ranked 64 overall and 40 in Engineering

The other “reputable” ranking authority. NTU is lower but hardly unrecognized with 67 in engineering and tech


not only that, 64 out of over 2000 universities.