Can you recommend a router?


in another thread, early last year or so, someone had posted a link to a router for $600 that was easy to set up - but that link is dead now (not surprising).

Can anybody recommend a 100base-T or 1000base-T router that also handles SIP?
Wireless is neither needed nor wanted (although i wouldn’t be surprised if it was impossible to get routers without it nowadays :wink: ). Chinese interface is OK.

Thank in advance for related advice and leads. :slight_smile:

I’d like something that can do decorative edges on a wood oval easily. Is this the ASUS WL-520GU, and does B&Q carry it?

I was going to go that route with the humour, but thought better of it. Shame on you, DB!

Haven’t gotten to ovals yet - you are talking to someone who has two left hands, as the Germans would say…


Started to snoop around and found this: and this: … L520gU.pdf
IOW, this sounds just like the right kind of toy for me. :wink:

Oh, and another useful thread in this context:

Many thanks for the nugget! m(_ _)m

I use the Porter Cable 690. Got lots of horsepower, reliable, and on top of that it does wireless too!

You can still get routers without wireless, they’re not common, but readily available if you look around a bit.
You might want to check out DrayTek, not cheap, but generally very good in my past experience. … N&ROWNO=10
Here’s something more in your price range, but not familiar with the company … 0&ROWNO=44
Another option from Asus with a few more LAN side ports … 3G&ROWNO=3
Another more affordable option … 3O&ROWNO=4
I guess this might’ve been the NT$600 one … T&ROWNO=29
And another wired one … 3U&ROWNO=5
Another sub NT$600 model … W&ROWNO=24

No Gigabit options though it seems

Taiwan Luthiers, TheLostSwede, thanks for the info! I’ll be back in Hualien later in February and will want to get a router and computer at that time, so these details will come in handy as well. I’ll check for SIP capabilities when i can get my hands on any of the packages and manuals…

It is interesting that most companies don’t give any data for throughput speed (on some 100Mbps models it is less than 30Mbps), but one Asus router you mentioned lists this as "Performance LAN to WAN: Up to 70Mbps LAN to LAN: Up to 100Mbps, which is not bad for the price. (And with prices being that reasonable overall, i can swap for a Gigabit version at any time later, when the need arises.)

Thanks again!

Turns out that where i am staying there is no LAN i could plug into, and i am (legally and perhaps also financially) not in a position to get a wire-based internet connection yet, so i’m using a wireless 3G USB modem for the time being. USB modem for Mac OS/Linux? Suitable router?

So the promised update will have to wait a little bit longer… :slight_smile:

Well, you could always get this … W&ROWNO=11
It still has Wi-Fi, but it also has a USB port for 3G dongles. Got one for my old man when I was back home a few weeks ago and it’s dead easy to set up (just upgrade the firmware first) and it seems to work really well. If you really don’t want Wi-Fi, just disable it in the settings.

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