Can you see it?


Yea, I got the pupose of what its talking about, and was also surprised / tickled that they use “PROC” which takes it to within a hairs breath of ROC.


Is it just me who is shocked to read “Mainland Chain” on an official national online document?


They use Mainland China (Area) everywhere. I’ve thought that is the official way to express PRC in Taiwan.


“Mainland Chain” !


yea it is. the surprising thing is that they forget to use it later and say PROC instead, whoopsie


Did they just forget, or was it intentional? P.R.O.C. and R.O.C.


thats an ordinary English word, it means not wearing anything on your head.


i recon it was a momentary lapse


Yes, it is awkward. Not sure if the writer did it intentionally or if it was a subconscious thing.


I’m sure “Mainland China” is intentional, because it is the official way to refer PRC in Taiwan.


“Mainland Chain” !


This thread is a waste of space. Its an appalling translation riddled with typos. Chain for China, so what?

Any website of any government agency in Taiwan will be equally appalling.



so, just typo?

I included it into whatever…



obviously, it is not big deal

well, let it be

there is another thread ‘Organising a threesome in Taiwan.’ much more important

see you there


I’d assume the error @keroliver is talking about is the fact that procedures for PRC citizens are listed under a set of instructions for exchanging foreign driver’s licences.


I like this thread.


Please don’t tell me you legitimately found this interesting. I would rather be trolled than have someone without a sense of humor share something that is not only unfunny but tedious as well. Why have us read a legal document, no… comb through a legal document looking for something funny when there was clearly nothing of the sort. Other people seem to have known there was nothing to be found but they claimed it was well worth the effort to find. You sir, are a buffoon.


I actually did this in Taichung as I gave up trying to figure out their driving test version in ‘English’.


I can assure you it was a typo. If you work for the government, you get fired for writing or using PROC or any variation thereof anywhere, faster if in public.

There is no acknowledgement of the red rebels.


On the bright side, I bet you’ve been waiting ages to use the word “buffoon” in a post, haven’t you :slight_smile:

Personally, I’m anticipating an opportunity to use the word “milquetoast”.