Canada Day Celebration moved to Taiwan, China

Personally, I love this party and consider the organizers to be solid folks. One is even one of my best buds.

But accepting Air Canada money is bullshit. I am going, but am gonna live stream my discontent right in front of any Air Canada signage. Hope you’ll find me and share your opinion on this example of corporate toadyism.


I didn’t see where they mention Taiwan, China.

Or is it just about air Canada being a sponsor and they are douche bags?

I’d be pretty pissed if our embassy here started on this shit.

Air Canada (and while I’m at it, The Royal Bank of Canada and The Globe and Mail) all recognize us as a province of China.

My ire rises from our local Chamber accepting money from any company that does this. You gotta have some sack man. Sold their soul for what, 50K? (That’s a guess)

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Air Canada sponsors every year with at least 2 to 4 round trip tickets, which are a big draw. It is has been a partner for many years and it is recognizable Canadian.

Sucked up to China like 98.5 percent of the world.


Air Canada can stick its free tickets up its arse.

With all the bad press and bad feelings about these guys, I’ll be amazed if the Air Canada Taipei route (NOT TO CHINA) lasts beyond this year.

If they leave this market, as I expect they will, good riddance.



I’m just offended that they didn’t call it “Canada, America.” That’s technically correct.


Sigh. Just cause its popular and the majority of people are sheep doesntTmake it right. So some people, instead of sigh, do something. Even ifFits as little as speaking up on social media or a forum. China is so their oppression because they do this too. If they speak a point as if it is true long enough, people take it as truth. Which is probably the biggest a days, people are so disconnected and ignorant (meaning dumb as fuck), that when they hear something 10 times they assume its probably right. China capitalizes the shit out of this phenomena

Smart people don’t get tricked. People who care about the future speak up and/or fight against this retarded tactic which is embarrassingly effective.

Taipei to Vancouver route with air Canada was always contractedDout to local airlines, before I always bought their tickets but flew EVA. Has this changed? Does air Canada actually fly here now? I hate their service and entitled employees, I will never fly with them unless its with an airline they hired to do their work.

Hopefully you guys up north giveEthem an earful, its.sad, distasteful and a show of weak was for them to do it. But people are right, they are a business making a business.decision. what that means is the market dictates their success (except in events of government bailouts) which essentially we the people directly control their success. So we the customer base directly dictate their actions, so we should get to it…

Yes Air Canada flies its own metal from Vancouver to Taipei.

I for one will not spend one dollar of my hard-earned cash to support this venal and cowardly company. There are lots of other ways to get to North America.

[Yes I am angry about this.]


Oh no, not this again! :doh:

In the end though, we are all displaced Pangaeans… :rainbow: :penguin: :elephant: :cat2: :camel: :lion_face: :dog2: :smiley: :peace:

I have not flown Air Canada for decades. Their servers smell like rancid piss and arthritic cream.


Egh, I’ve never had a great experience in any North american airline company. They all make me hate every min of flying even 1st class. Eva, cathy, Korean air, Emirates all provide 100x better experiences imo.

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It’d be hilarious if the airlines here actually do that. “Toronto, USA” and “London, European Union” would be awesome lol.

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Since the head of state of Canada is Queen Elizabeth II, it would be even more apt to list “Toronto, UK.” After all, the Queen does appear on our money.



Agreed. Problem is US airlines monopolized rights to Central America. I can fly Air Canada charter from Toronto at a very reasonable price.

The best I can do to avoid US and Canada is 70k ANA flight connecting to Mexicana. I am seriously considering British Airways from Gatwick as a cheaper alternative.

I mean, aside from money, you consider service…And now they add this China bit. I feel sorry for people who go places say only United reaches. It is UA or drive.

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UA told China to shove it up their United Asses. So, irony?

This almost redeems United Airlines. Almost.


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I think they have some making up to do. But I was told they were complying.

Every single person working with those airlines just looks miserable. From check out counters, actually they basically make me an unpaid laborer doing the self check in thing, to the hostess who look like they don’t want to be there at all.

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What about recognising Taiwan as a province of the Republic of China? To differentiate from Jinmen & Matsu? What that be less offensive to our delicate sensibilities?

Then other sensibilities would be offended.