Canadian murdered in Yonghe

Terrible. Gangster retaliation? I told my Taiwanese friend that and he replied, “It only takes a boyfriend or girlfriend here.” My heart goes out if anyone on forumosa knew him.


I suppose if it all goes quiet with no leads, we’ll know it was a gangster hit. Can’t imagine what he could have done to deserve that.

Us foreigners always perceive Taiwan as a very safe place, but it’s worth remembering there’s still a finite number of psychos around.


Hopefully the Canadian office here pushes the cops hard to do something.

I just heard on the radio. How do they know he’s Canadian?

According to the story, they located his head and he was identified by his friends from that and from his clothing.

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Bloody hell!

Fuck me, I drive right past there every day

The story is confusing because they list his age alternately as 29 and 43.

Do se know what’s going to happen to the dog? His friends taking care of him, or ?

What a loyal friend, helped find his master. Hope they do take care of him.

Yes, seems like he been there for a while.

It does seem a bit weird though, if the dog was at the place where they found the body I would assume the dog was present when the guy got disassembled, which would mean they worked on the guy in the park. Odd

Seems like it had to be more than one person too…

And had knife cuts on his snout.

Yeah, saw that.

The fact that the guy was found at his usual spot would imply to me that that is also where he was chopped up.

If they grabbed him there, and took him somewhere else for the disassembling, why take him back to the same spot for disposal? That wouldn’t make any sense.

Seems his wife drowned a short while ago off the beach in nan ao. Sad story all round. Somebody sure seems angry so hope the cops check the relatives out.
Or else it’s a psycho on the loose.


Here is an English article:

EDIT: nevermind, somebody already posted it, my bad

I can’t help but think he could be one of us…

This whole story really freaks me out… Also the drowning of his wife… Related at all? WTF

Look to the family. I think they blame him for the wife’s drowning.