Cancel Culture Victims

Bush given a pass. Obama given a pass. War is peace.

No, me lol. I’ll settle for politicians closely connected to or supportive of the Trump administration. I won’t be punishing anyone, however. You can decide what you like as well.

Your argument is weak when it comes to national debt. The Trump administration has beaten all records.

So, money over life? The reason we can run our debt so high is that we’re good for it.

Probably, to all the people who supported the riot.

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Trump’s debt was caused by tax cuts. Bush’s debt was caused by destruction and death

“ill afford” was the bit you haven’t quoted. They weren’t my words.

However, you have raised the question of whether I consider money to be more important than life. Life is more important IMO.

Either way it’s either debt that the US can “ill afford”, or they can afford it.


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We’ve been over this before

(Note the date: May 2019)

Unless you’re talking about the super-secret war that only you and the boys in the Breitbart basement know about

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So, minimal

Observant Compass- 80 US troops

In 2017, with around $780 million spent on the operation, and Kony still in the field, the United States wound down Observant Compass and shifted its forces elsewhere. But the operation didn’t completely disband, according to the Defense Department: “U.S. military forces supporting Operation Observant Compass transitioned to broader scope security and stability activities that continue the success of our African partners."

Who exactly was president at that time?

I’ll give you Iraq and Syria- the first part (though IIRC most Republicans were screaming at Obama for not getting further involved). The continuation of the war, resulting in the "tremendous victory’ declared by Trump?That didn’t happen?

Mike Pence:

You know when President Trump came into office, ISIS had captured an area of the Middle East the size of Pennsylvania. President Trump unleashed the American military, and our armed forces destroyed the ISIS caliphate and took down their leader al-Baghdadi without one American casualty.”

Well, if Trump just killed brown people, I suppose you think it doesn’t matter.

Yemen- we already know that Trump killed more people and expanded in Yemen much more, due to his slavish devotion to MBS.

I also note the second quote about Obama’s war war in Libya is labelled “2016 to present” i.e. Trump’s inauguration, and the space for Trump is labelled “2017- [blank]”. IOTW, this is a chart from the beginning of the Trump administration showing the purported wars of presidents previous, wondering what Trump will do after the 2016 election, with the date carefully left off by whoever posted this to imply this is Trump’s record- which it isn’t.
Anything honest?


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This is stupid. If even Hitler was filmed as a starving-artist extra in a pre-WWI movie set in Vienna it should be preserved as originally filmed; likewise if Stalin was in the background as a young seminarian in a Russian movie.

Hell, as a “Hans shot first” fanatic, I think even dreck such as Star Wars should be available as originally done; any other versions should be noted.
If advertised as the "Trumpless " version, of course the owners are entitled to do anything they want- but the original should be made available.
I remember going to video stores back in the day when a movie was censored, but without any indication.

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I knew we’d agree on something eventually. :grin:

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Yet, if they took OJ out of The Naked Gun, EYE’D riot!

That would also be considered silencing black voices…

Leave his voice but replace him with a white Antifa activist.

Just say no to Nordberg! But No as in NO Removal!

Too long for a T-shirt…