Candid: Do guys in Taiwan not like girls who are a little fat?

I ask because I’ll be going to Taiwan after I graduate high school. I’ve never had a boyfriend before so sometimes I wonder what it’s like. 但是在那裡的前二個月,我還不到 18 歲,所以我會等待。
I’m a white passing 混血儿(mixed race) girl who is tall and fat. Not super fat, just chubby. In Taiwanese beauty standards, mixed race girls are considered beautiful but being fat isn’t. (The beauty standards there are harder on fat people than in the US.)
But when facetiming with my Taiwanese family, some of the aunties said that I looked beautiful.
Honestly, I think I’m considered a reverse “butterface”. According to Taiwanese standards, my face & hair is beautiful but I’m fat. (Pretty face, not pretty body)
IDK, if I have a pretty face & hair but I’m tall and chubby, am I still considered attractive?
Just curious.

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Taiwanese beauty standards for women is skinny.

But this is not to say you won’t find the right person for you.


I wouldn’t worry about this kind of stuff. Just be you and you’ll find someone that likes you for you.


This 100%. Of course looks play a role in finding love, but if it is a primary determining factor for someone, you shouldn’t want that person anyway.


Skinny in the U.S. might be chubby in Taiwan, so american-chubby vs taiwanese-chubby makes a difference. But attractive is a fluid concept that varies widely, and is easily influenced by one’s peers - Bottecelli’s Venus might be a chunkster with weird feet by today’s standards…

So, that said, be healthy. Beyond that, if you’re happy, don’t worry too much about it. If you’re not happy, lose some weight.


Most prefer skinny, but I don’t know. Taiwanese people are the most obese in Asia so your standing is relative.

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Speaking as a guy, I and a lot of guys i know have a large tolerance for body shape. Personally, unless a girl is morbidly obese, body shape doesn’t bother me. You’ll be OK, everyone has personal preference and there are a lot of fish in the sea.


A lot of skinny fat.

Queen said it best…

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Are you trying to pursue a career as a supermodel or why are you worried of slightly missing beauty standards?

No matter the culture, these „beauty standards“ characterized by Instagram and stuff are mostly unattainable by 99% of the population without a good camera, lots of makeup and Photoshop.

It‘s like worrying that you’re stupid because you haven‘t finished your PHD by the age of 18 - maybe some people will do that, but it’s nothing a normal person should base they self-worth on.

Don’t measure your „every day self“ based on the most perfect moments of professionals who live every second of their life to market themselves and their „beauty“.

Don’t worry about it you are hapa you will have to fight them off with a bat


Beauty standard doesn’t matter, because you shouldn’t be trying to meet a subjective standard anyhow. Just be the best person you can be and you will attract people who like you. I know this sounds too simplistic, but it’s really true. Ive discovered that having a positive attitude and being friendly and interesting (or interested in other people) is more important than looks. Even if you just look average, being a fun, positive person will attract all kinds to you.

Andrew is right. But the media promotes a sort of unhealthy, unobtainable image of skinny.

When in Taiwan you will find that–like anywhere else in the world–most people just look average. So if you want to attract someone’s attention your “competition” is all the average real life folks.

You can win more hearts and minds with a good sense of humor or good personality than with the right “look.” (And in the end, you don’t want to attract the superficial people who only care about looks.)

Be who you are
Don’t bother with someone who doesn’t like you as you are
Be with the one who likes you as you are

Don’t chase them let them chase you

Never tell them you love them the moment you do they start seeing what else is out there

Generally, beauty standards are created and perpetuated by women.

Men really aren’t that picky. Literally no matter what you look like, lots of men will find you physically attractive.

Just try to have a personality and some hobbies that aren’t sleeping or shopping, and you’ll be fine.

Out of interest, how tall? I’m wonder if you’re comparing your height to American or Taiwanese girls.

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That is generally true, but exceptions as always. Taiwanese men also do not generally go for women who are nearly as tall, as tall or taller than them too.
Pre Covid 19 she would have had lots of attention from foreign men, but right now there are very few foreign men in Taiwan, that might change after a few months if we finally win the war against the bat virus.

@Andrew0409 How’s your new job and life, in that nice English summer ? Winter is on its way.

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She’s in the U.S.

Taiwanese men, as a broad generalisation, like skinny girls.

If you’re naturally “big boned” then I wouldn’t worry about it too much - as others have said, people have a wide variety of preferences! OTOH you need to be honest with yourself about exactly how “chubby” you are. If you’re carrying an unusual amount of bodyfat at 18 due to poor diet (and if you live in the US then you’re pretty much guaranteed to be eating a poor diet) then you need to fix that, or it’s going to get worse from here. I have a friend who, not so long ago, was a slightly-chubby 18-year-old. Five years later, she’s enormously obese and suffering in all sorts of ways. She is now beyond help. So if you suspect maybe “chubby” isn’t your normal body shape, learn how to eat properly before it’s too late.


For me, fit is the most important, not thin.
If someone takes your cellphone and run, can you chase him?


Or: side-arm them forcefully to get back that phone. :rofl:


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