Candid: Do guys in Taiwan not like girls who are a little fat?

First of all don’t worry, finding a boyfriend is the easiest thing in the world anyways, the hard part is finding the right boyfriend and looks don’t have anything to do with that.

Second, if you go by Taiwanese standards only malnourished people are skinny enough.

Third, good luck finding the right guy, most of us suck hard. It’ll be a rough journey lol.


There are some fairly confused women out there too, making the search for a solid partner challenging. If I’d give any advice (other than the forceful straight-arm move lol) it would be to figure out what kind of person you want to be and go for it. The rest will follow.


She’s planning on coming to Taiwan, context of the original post.

This is very true.

Also good advice.

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Unpopular opinion: Just get in better shape before coming to Taiwan.


She said she is coming to Taiwan , that is why she is asking, no?

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Unpopular opinion #2. Who cares what anyone thinks. If you are happy with the way you look, then that is all that matters. Just be ready for the ramifications of what you like. If your too skinny, you may be malnutrition. If your too fat, you may have medical issues. If your too hot, you may have too many people pursuing you. But no matter which one you are… someone will have an opinion about it that you don’t want to hear.


It is hard for some people to be thinner, I know plenty of people that eat and exercise about the same as me , and have way more body fat. But yeah when I was younger working out definitely helped me, become more attractive to women. Now, I am a hit with the grandmas :no_mouth:

Too hot is the best of those three options :wink::stuck_out_tongue:


Guys. Like. Girls.

Someone. For. Everyone.

Not necessarily…


I’m an egalitarian. I hate everyone equally.


Unpopular opinion #3: Crappy grammer will affect others’ opinion of you. I am hoping you are a non-native speaker.


I will use the lost phone tracking function, find him later then crush his skull.:grinning:




I’m curious too. I’m guessing at least 5’10”.

I’m 5’8’

I think you’ll be rate. I wouldn’t worry about it. Join something like Tinder or OKCupid and you’ll get matches and meet someone.

Even if I’m as fat as the Venus statue?

It really isn’t as big an issue as you think. A guy who cares only for perfect looks is not likely going to be someone that cares for you.

Only change for yourself and your own happiness.


My daughter is a little taller than you (by about 1 or 2 cm). She complains about her height all the time. I swear I’m going to send her to Germany or Sweden for college where she’ll be even a little short.

My advice is to not be in a hurry to date guys. There are plenty out there who like tall and not super skinny girls, even in Taiwan. And the mixed race look in the face seems to be very helpful here as far as people finding you attractive. But slow down because there are a lot of jerks out there too, especially the ones considering only looks. Advice brought to you by Uncle Marasan.