Candid: Do guys in Taiwan not like girls who are a little fat?

Venus of Milo or Venus of Willendorf?


beat me to it

listen to uncle marco, he is wise.

listen to uncle marasan, he is wise.


I’m assuming this

If so, I’m starting to think you may be overworrying @hapadoge


If that’s considered fat, then I’m a Snorlax by comparison.

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Agreed, less than that Venus I find too skinny to be attractive (I can’t speak for the average Taiwanese guy, but my preference is for girls that don’t have the body of a 10-year-old boy)

The mainstream culture available to late teens are Japanese anime, and in Japanese anime chubby looking people are poorly represented. And young high school boys grew up with this kind of images that defines their perception of beauty:

It obviously is a near impossible body image to attain for most people, and it is could be pretty unhealthy too. Some people have enough awareness to know that, and some cares more about things other than the outward appearance. So it’s not like girls a little chubby wouldn’t be able to find a boyfriend. Although, for many it takes at least another decade to snap out of it.

However, if you also have high and unreasonable expectations of what your boyfriend should look like, then you are in trouble in Taiwan.


I can safely say that the majority of members on here are uncles on here and have Taiwanese wives. The advice is legit!

As someone who is not really a fan of the Taiwanese standard of skinny in the SO, I can assure you, there are guys out there that are the same as me.

What needs to be said has already been said, so I’ll just quote the uncles:

…or just quote unco Marco


yes, just quote the most senior uncle.

She has a 4 pack showing… can’t be that chubby. lol

@Hapadoge IDK how chubby you are, but there is chubby and chubby. Some girls with a bit of extra fat can be really attractive, it depends on how it’s distributed and well, how you move, how you look, how you smile, how you speak… your personality?, etc. But it is true that the canon here would be more leaning towards skinny to anorexic.

I’m sure you can find a boyfriend here or anywhere else, but would you like him? that’s hard to answer, that also depends on what you like, and if that type also finds you attractive. If you lack the qualities people find attractive here, and you still want the qualities that other more popular girls here find attractive… it’s not going to be easy.

But to be honest, if you are really chubby, you have better reasons for losing fat than to find a boyfriend who is more attractive than you (sex economy would help you there too). The main reason is… to be healthy, and to like yourself. If you have a leaner AND healthier body you will be more agile, you will feel better, you will probably have more energy. You will be ready to enjoy life more than if you are porking on crap food all day. I don’t know if you do that, though.

Anyway, just my two cents.

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What Taiwanese guys like more than skinny, is young girls.

So you have that going for you. Don’t sweat the rest.

This advice is so damn important that I’m just going to repeat it here.

Even when you want attention or affection from others, you have to look out for yourself first. Don’t get mixed up with anyone who doesn’t treat you with respect.


Probably yes, but join an online dating service such as Tinder where (maybe for a fee) you can set your location to Taiwan even while not being in Taiwan and try it out


She should wait till she is 18 to use the app.

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Hanging out on Tinder as a representation of real life is… probably not a healthy way forward.


I like it. Way better than cold approaching people in the street.

Especially as a few people here have complained about being unable to meet people in public.

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Sure. But probably not the best for a somewhat insecure 18 year old.

Gurl you need to have some PRIDE and don’t concern yourself with how boys think about your body. Believe me very few of them have a good enough dick to pass judgment.


I do not think that American political correctness and body positivity have really significantly made their way into Taiwan and I think the question concerns dating locals and not foreigners. Since on average women tend to have it easier to find a date than men, this will probably not prove an insurmountable hurdle, but it most likely will noticeably reduce the pool of applicants. If what is left fulfills the expectations or not, I have no idea