Taiwan ladies do not approach?

In other countries ladies will walk up to you and talk to you if they like you… in my experience this is true of England, western USA, southern USA, Australia, the handful of European countries I’ve lived in.

Is it just me or is it completely not this way here in Taiwan?

Even with girls I know really like me, there were 2 at the nearby gym, it took 1 of them 4 months just to talk to me. Are Taiwan girls… different?

yawn…Tommy, your customer.

What’s so yawn-worthy?
Do the variations in social dynamics not interest you, nor in trying to understand them?

the gentle bear was just pointing out that this ground has been covered many many times before.

Fixed that for you. There’s absolutely no reason to assume things in Taiwan would work according to a Western framework. Yes, girls in the East are in many ways different from girls in the West, and that really shouldn’t be a surprise to anybody. This sounds like mild culture shock.


I think while some TW girls are indeed quite bold and will approach you. The majority prefer you make the approach. They will give you plenty of signals which you should be able to pick up. All you have to do is say HI.

Once you have cracked the ice, the rest flows easier.

Many TW girls don’t want to be seen as “bad girls”.

You still have to “be a man” and make the approach.

Thus spake Tommythustra :bow:

In western countries, boys go talk to the girls they fancy…

Since when western boys are complaining at girls not making the first move?!

OP, don’t blush away when you see a cute lady and go say hi in a friendly manner, they don’t bite.

I think some westerners come here expecting to be worshipped by the local ladies. They fail to understand that this isn’t Thailand or mainland China. I sometimes get chatted up by women in cafes and book stores, but I’m married and have zero interest in other women. Sometimes when this happens my wife is literally just a few meters away. She finds it funny. Perhaps women can detect when men are blatantly after one thing and just choose to avoid them.

what magical western countrys are these that you speak of?? none that i have ever been to! i’d say i’ve had about as many women talk to me in asia as the west… close to zero in both places.

I use this analogy:

I use to take buses a lot in Taiwan. And i am larger then most. The seat is only so big. So I prefer to sit next to smaller people. And since I also like pretty ladies. And most of them are smaller then me, it follows that sitting next to a pretty lady will fit the bill.

So what to do? Should i sit at an available window seat and wait for someone to sit next to me (and hope that it is a pretty lady) or should i just sit down next to a pretty lady at a window seat with an empty aisle seat? Which has the higher chance of success?

Of course it can be tacky if the bus is empty and you sit down next to a young lady with rows and rows of empty seats around you :slight_smile:

And no, i almost never talked to the ladies I sat next to and they rarely spoke to me. It was just having a pleasant person to sit next to and the goal was achieved.

FAct is you can take the signals a lady is giving you and just crack the ice. Even with some simple innocent question. If she picks up the conversation and is eager to chat with you, you are “in”. If not and shes cold after your approach. Make yourself disappear at the earliest opportunity.

You waited FOUR MONTHS for a girl who liked you to approach you to talk to you?

I guess the bleedin obvious question is: What the hell is wrong with you?

It’s merely a perception I’ve had, maybe its wrong maybe its right, I’m not assuming anything nor asking for advice about what to do.

For the moment at least it looks like its very different here, as I said in other countries the ladies are much more forward. The explanation I’ve received from girls here is that most girls are shy and its just part of the culture not to talk to random people you run into, they only feel safe in an intimate environment

You know, even as a Taiwanese American (grew up in the states but came back after graduating from high school), I don’t go up to foreign guys. It’s just you’ve heard so so much about how guys come here with hopes to get laid. I’d love to meet some fluent English speakers in Taichung (later on Hsinchu when I move there), but I just hate the idea of going up to a guy and him thinking I just wanna get laid.

so guys in america don’t want to get laid then?

She doesn’t just want to get appear to just want to get laid. I think that is what she is saying. But I don’t think that most guys thinks that if a girl says hi. He will most likely be thinking if he would want to have sex with the girl, but probably not thinking automatically that the girl wants to get laid.

Some girl says hi to me, I do NOT think she is saying she wants to get laid. I just think she likes me or wants something.

That’s based on the look in the eyes and body language, not so much what is said, and not for just approaching.

His point is all guys at all times want to get laid, this is not a unique disease that only appears in westerners travelling to asia, and so it is not a valid reason to avoid westerners.

i think being a ABC would probably cancel that out though right? or are the western guys supposed to be horny for anything that moves when in the magical land of asia?

I don’t find western women to do much approaching and even then only if they’re Eastern European, French or British in that order. I found Taiwanese women to be more forward than all of them. Maybe it takes some time to get acclimated to the culture and then Taiwan’s particular way of the birds and the bees will become clearer.

Was thinking of 2 of those, don’t know about french, can also add Australian girls, USA most places, Latinas.

The idea that taiwanese girls are more forward than these, than a brit or a polish chick, is completely ridiculous. (Club girls do not count)
The taiwan girls i’ve talked to about this say yes its normal for them to behave like this, shy and quiet.
As i said i’ve had far more western girls being forward with me than taiwanese, I N T A I W A N :ponder: