Candid: Do guys in Taiwan not like girls who are a little fat?

Perhaps she’s an ‘old soul’ that likes talking to older people. Peers may pressure about how one should get laid asap rather than deal with the question

Like Kim Kardashian? :grin:

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Are those natural, if so she ain’t bad is she, you got to be honest. She could be a real nasty b… and you’d still forgive her :wink:

So is that a good thing or a bad thing?

I’d guess it is a better thing here, where they might be more likely to appreciate your interest in their culture (and less likely to accuse you of cultural appropriation)

example: i recently bought a low carved wooden table and a decorative carving, there was some haggling but I knew I was getting a good deal. later, after everything was wrapped up and when i was paying, he knocked off another $200NT (not much considering) and said it was because he didn’t see many foreigners in his shop enjoying the traditional wooden things.

on the other hand, i wore a ganesha t-shirt in canada and a classmate told me with disgust that it was cultural appropriation, without bothering to ask what my connection to or knowledge of ganesha was. because of things like that, i never dared to wear my tailored chinese silk jacket in canada (even at chinese new year), but i imagine people in taiwan will approve of it.

if people think you’re a foreigner here (like many other places), it is a mixed blessing: sometimes you get a little extra hassle and sometimes you get a little extra benefit.


It’s not inherently either one - depends how you feel. But probably bad. :wink:

True identity: revealed.



I bet it’s some shade of red/burgundy.

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I just hope @TT’s fits better.


物化 rather. 性化 doesn’t exist in the vocabulary yet.

You’ve asked your question to a bunch of mostly white men with an average age of 40.
Buyer beware.


What about all those non Chinese with Chinese words tats on ? Should they use laser removal ?
Maybe only people whose ancestors originally came from Britain should be speaking English now. Or Jeans should be for Americans only. This cultural appropriation idea is for insecure people , afraid, little people.


Jeans is originally from Europe.

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Oh ok. :joy::+1:t2:

For every 10,000 Chinese guys that like super-thin, childlike girls who pout on Instagram there’s probably 1 or 2 non-Chinese guys who like a girl who comes with a little extra. I suggest adjusting your social life accordingly.

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